Governance Parameter Documentation - Part 1

As I’ve mentioned a few times recently. I’ve been working on documentation for the most frequently adjusted governance parameters. I’ve now got the first few documents in reasonable shape, and would appreciate one or more people looking over them and providing feedback.

The goals here are to:

  • Increase knowledge of what each parameter is, does and why it does it.
  • Highlight the main trade-offs to changing a parameter.
  • Surface some lesser-known details of some of the important parameters.

Drafts are currently complete for:

I’d love to receive feedback for these in any form. Once they’ve been somewhat finalized, I’ll be pushing for them to be included in the new community development portal and we’ll link to them in polls and signal requests.

As a sidenote, as a result of trying to write these documents, I’m considering pushing for some terminology changes around some of the parameters. Let me know if you have any comments on this topic. Do the commonly used names of any of the parameters confuse you (or did they when you first heard them)?


This is super awesome LFW! Thank you. The only thing I would ask for is a Glossary.

Example: for System Surplus Buffer I would add, what exactly is a FLAP, what is Flop, and for the others as well, definition of ILK, VAT, etc.

So yea, like an MCD Glossary on top–you know? Otherwise good stuff for the average Jack and Jill. :+1:t3: