Governance Portal Release v0.2.0

Governance Portal Release v0.2.0 - September 14th

  • Release Name: Nibbles Orinoco Goose - (Neochen jubata)
  • Version: v0.2.0
  • Release Date: 09/14/21

Making Informed Decisions

The DUX team is happy to announce the release of a new version of the Governance Portal with some exciting features! The features we’re releasing today are all about enabling the best governance UX possible by helping users make informed decisions.

We want to provide users with access to information that drives the Maker governance process. We’re always looking for new ways to improve verifiability and help users process information. We hope these features will add transparency and make governance a little bit more accessible by presenting key insights into the voting process.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat, drop by our Discord, provide feedback on our idea board or visit our public Notion page.

Feature Changes

Poll Vote History

One of the biggest new features we’ve added is poll vote history. Now you will be able to view the poll vote history for any address. Initially we scoped this feature out to just the delegate profile page, but then we asked ourselves, why stop there? We’ve created a new account page which now displays the poll vote history for any address. And for delegates, we also display participation metrics as well as the delegate’s credentials.

We’ve also added a visual indicator to plurality polls, making it easier to quickly get a sense of where the votes are going.

Delegate Stats

Another new feature we’re releasing today is a quick view of relevant delegate stats added to the bottom of the the delegate profile page. This displays the amount of MKR delegated to this address, the total number of addresses who have delegated to them, as well as MKR delegated by you.

Visualizing Poll Vote Breakdown

We’ve added a visual enhancement to the poll detail page in the form of a packed-circle chart. Now you can see a scaled visual representation of which addresses are voting for a particular poll and their weight in MKR.

Delegate Names

In the “supporters” sidebar on the executive page, you can now see the delegate name instead of simply an address.

Avatar Hover

Hovering your mouse over a delegate’s avatar allows users to see a bigger version of the delegate picture and a quick glance at stats.

Full Release Notes

  • Introduces profile tabs on the delegate’s profile, allowing users to switch between “Delegate Credentials”, “Participation Metrics” and “Vote history”

  • Introduces the page/address/[address] that serves as an address summary for delegates and non-delegates addresses. Includes poll vote history

  • Adds poll vote history for both delegates and normal addresses

  • List voters from polls and executives to address detail

  • Delegate detail statistics

  • Map delegate names to supporter addresses

  • Fixes colors on metrics participation

  • Adds missing participation parameters from repo

  • Adds the Discussion Link in the poll detail

  • Reduce invalid opcode console errors

  • Add discussion link to poll detail

  • Hide on-chain effects until third-party API is fixed

  • Fetch latest blog posts from the blog

  • Internal refactors for increasing maintainability

  • Updated dependencies

  • Removed obsolete footer links


Oh my god, it’s like I basically mentioned that I’d like to see it, it’s awesome to see the voting history by address.

Really congratulations guys, you’re great!!!