Governance Portal Release v0.2.3 - November 8th

Governance Portal Release v0.2.3 - November 8th

  • Release Name: Charlie Torrent Duck — (Merganetta armata)
  • Version: v0.2.3
  • Release Date: November 8th 2021

v0.2.3: Shine a Light

We have a ton of great new features going into our latest release of the Governance Portal and we’re happy to share them with the community! Each of these enhancements serves to shine a light on some aspect of governance, which we hope will increase engagement as well as improve the experience for existing users. Whether it’s illuminating critical pieces of information or helping to identify signal from noise, our aim is to bring the state of Maker governance ever forward! Many of these features evolved from talking to members of the community, or suggestions on our idea board, so please join the conversation on Discord, or provide feedback at :sparkles:

Featured Changes

Delegate Voting Weight Chart

Starting off, we have a highly requested feature that we're really excited to bring to the delegates page! In an effort to support our mission of making governance more transparent, we've added a chart displaying the amount of MKR a delegate has had delegated to them over time. This will help visualize the flows of MKR moving to and from delegates in order for users to make more informed decisions about which delegate to choose. The drop-down filter allows users to focus on an interval of the past week, month, or year.

Badges for Poll Categories

We want to help users find what they're looking for as quickly as possible. To that end, we've added more improvements to how users can manage the way they filter and view polls. The filter drop-down now shows you the number of filters you have applied. More importantly, the poll cards now display colored badges for the categories the poll is associated with. Clicking one of these tags on the card will also add that category to your list of current filters. Clicking "Clear filters" will of course revert back to the default view. As the number of active polls continues to grow, this will be invaluable to reduce noise and help users focus on the particular governance categories they are most interested in.

Show MKR Needed to Pass an Executive Vote

Another highly requested feature, the amount of MKR needed for an executive to pass is now displayed more prominently on the executive card. While this data has always been displayed in the system info pane, this upgrade now makes it visible when viewing the details of an executive vote.

Unique Avatars For Shadow Delegates

Until now, it has been hard to differentiate shadow delegates from one another. So we added a unique avatar for each shadow delegate derived from their address. Using the popular Jazzicon library, we are able to pass an address which then generates deterministic images to use as an avatar. No more accidentally delegating to the wrong shadowy super-coder!

Owner Badge Displayed on Delegate Cards

Our default sorting of delegates is intended to remove any advantage that consistently being presented at the top of the page might provide to a delegate by randomizing the sort order. But for delegates, that can make it difficult to locate your own delegate card. To make it more clear, we now always display your delegate card at the top of the list. We've also added a badge next to the name indicating you are the "Owner" of this delegate profile, as well as darkening the border of the card for emphasis. We hope these enhancements will make it easier to locate your delegate profile while navigating the page.

Display MKR Amount Locked in Chief

The system info pane on the right side of the page is there to provide fast data about the protocol, and it changes dynamically based on the current page. Now, when on the executive page, the system info pane displays the amount of MKR currently locked in chief. This allows users to quickly process the state of security of the voting system.

Dai.js SDK Rewritten in TypeScript

Last but not least, this is a long time upgrade that we’re extremely happy to include. Dai.js, our in-house SDK that powers the Governance Portal has been rewritten in typescript. This update is part of our initiative to improve the QA process around development and deployment of the portal. It enhances security by making the layer between the Maker protocol and the UI more transparent and easier to use for developers. Additionally, it makes development more efficient by helping devs write safer code more quickly.

Full Release Notes

  • Show MKR Weight chart on delegates feat: Show delegate MKR weight over time #173
  • Use dai.js typescript Use dai.js typescript build #207
  • Add MKR support needed to pass: Feature/sc 661/add visual for how many mkr needed to pass #219
  • Add poll filters on poll list, poll detail. Add link to “how to verify my delegate contract”. Add clear filter button Fix/477 #210
  • Add jazzicons for shadow delegates: Add jazzicons for shadow delegates #231
  • Add owner badges to delegate cards: Feature/sc 667/make own shadow delegate contract more prominent #232
  • Add MKR in chief to exec sidebar stats: Feature/sc 533/add mkr in chief to executive system info #223
  • Dark mode fixes: fix: Styles on dark mode, mobile #208
  • Update reach dependencies, fix select not opening on first click Update reach dependencies #209
  • Change poll sort order: Fix/685 #212
  • Update poll results badge: Replace results badge with text design #216
  • Fetch categories from community repo Add fetch for categories json on validation #215
  • Upgrade nextjs to v12, add SEO improvements to poll details, delegates and executives Fix/seo and update nextjs #218
  • Add governing proposal badge to exec detail: Add hat badge to exec detail #221
  • Update dark mode colors for tags: Update tag colors for dark mode #222
  • Uploading spell details loading state: Update spell data loading state #220

also likely sets it up for more open source contributors to pop in. This is huge you guys. Nice!


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