Growth CU weekly update: April 29- May 6

General Updates

  • We are working with Binance to expand Dai as a savings currency in Nigeria and talking with local crypto companies to strengthen Dai’s presence in the country.

  • We are talking with different funds which are interested in opening a vault with their reserves.

  • We are having a lot of interest from our partners in Latam who want to explore the usage of Dai in BSC, Polygon and RSK

:star2: Star of the week :star2:

BitPay. This week BitPay will be live with Dai payments and settlement. Meaning that Dai is automatically supported on over 500 + merchants in BitPay’s network with notable companies such as Microsoft, Newegg, Twitch (yes, you can buy bits with Dai :space_invader:), American Red Cross, and WeWork.

They reach over 3M users on their app and have a debit card and gift card network that supports purchases in crypto and will include Dai.

Admin Stuff

  • Looking for someone in Europe to be part of the team, are you interested? send me a DM.

  • We are in the process of incorporating our company, setting everything up.

  • We are reorganizing our CRM to include collaborators from other CU.


Bitpay is huge, awesome @Nadia


Amazing work! Y’all rock!

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