Growth CU weekly update: August 13-19

General Updates

Working with strategic partners to increase Dai awareness.

The partnership between Buenbit and Maker showed us the power of working with our strategic partners to integrate the Maker Protocol in a way that makes sense for the partner and the market they want to target. After 2 years since we started working with Buenbit, they created the right product for countries (mainly in LatAm for now) that find in Dai a solution for saving their money and in Buenbit a bank-like solution. Without Buenbit it wouldn’t be possible to reach the +500k users that are converting their salary in Dai, keeping their Dai in their Buenbit account earning a 12% APY, and using the BuenBit Mastercard card to pay for their expenses (converting a part of their Dai savings into pesos).

To replicate this experience we started to work with imToken, with them, we are thinking in the best product that imToken+Maker can offer to the Chinese market, and from this week to the end of the year we have planned a series of campaigns to increase Dai awareness among their users (+1M).


We need your feedback to help Bitpay to create the best Dai campaign:

New team member!!

@Hajive is a veteran of traditional financial markets, having worked with JPMorgan and Reuters helping to build financial market infrastructure in both developed and emerging markets ( He spent many years working in Brazil ).

More recently he has been working with Crypto wallet providers and Exchanges including Wirex and Luno based out of London and helping expand their product offerings and geographical coverage.

Rajiv will be focused on the European market. Welcome to the family!! :blush:

Star of the week

Web3 Fashion week will be next week bringing creators of all kinds (fashion, art etc.) together to learn about web3. Big lineup!!! and @Jenn will be doing a workshop next Thursday

Tweet of the Week


Thanks for the update Nadia and welcome to the team @Hajive! I think your experience in TradFi will really help in articulating the Dai value add to clients :slight_smile:


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