Growth CU weekly update: August 20-26

General Updates

How to spread the word?

Yes, Maker is the OG in DeFi, but Maker is also continuously innovating, bringing what’s next… Then why no one is talking about it?

Growth follows the partnership strategy created by Greg on the Foundation times, in my opinion, it is the right way to go for a protocol like Maker, but it doesn’t necessarily follow the natural crypto-path with shitposters everywhere, a CT army, and a broader community creating and propagating content.

When working with a partner we can rely on their marketing resources, but we have to follow their guidelines to merge Maker inside their vision. And sometimes Maker needs its own voice. And that’s why from Growth we have been thinking about how to solve it.

We will be helping BanklessDAO to create a proposal that will bring to Maker a team that will help us to create and propagate the Maker message.

Collateral offboarding.

Our recommendation to the community is to not offboard LRC. Loopring team is using the vault and also during late Q4, they will launch EthPort, which will provide cheap L2-L1 composability. This will allow users to interact with Maker directly from Loopring L2. Once integrated, LRC holders (as well as ETH, USDC, and WBTC) would be able to open a Maker vault and we think this will increase LRC vault usage.

Voting Delegation.

We joined forces with the DUX team and started having conversations with the main custodial solutions to integrate the Voting Delegation system to increase participation in the Maker governance.

:star2: Star of the week :star2:

Tokocrypto - An Indonesian exchange with over a million registered users and about 100K weekly active users will first list DAI next week against major cryptos and then DAI/BIDR (Indonesian Fiat) will be listed later.

Tweet of the Week


This is interesting – Ryan and David from Bankless are particularly good at messaging (“Eth is Money”), and to the extent that community can provide similar services here in the most decentralized way (no former foundation members involved), all the better. Kudos to Growth for bringing forth this opportunity.


That’s great!!! I understand that Binance is part of their Major partners or Owners. I participated in their presale and I was crazy about the amount of people interested in the entry of crypto in Indonesia, it is not for nothing the 4th largest population worldwide.


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