Growth CU weekly update: August 27 - September 2

General Updates

Nexo Institutional Vault.

We posted a signal request that will close next week. Please vote!

Institutional Vaults is a product we can offer to other companies with a large crypto treasury and would bring vaults of a minimum of 200M Dai to Maker.

Collateral offboarding.

Gaming, NFTs and Metaverse strategy.

We are focused on the use of Dai within these universes and the development of branding through wearable creations. As you have seen in past updates

  • we are working closely with various artists to incorporate Dai in their work
  • We are sponsoring and supporting gaming tournaments giving prizes in Dai

  • We are partnering with Metaverses like Nifty Island (in the following days, MakerDAO will receive the OG project totem)

  • We are thinking about how we could bring cryptoPunks as collateral

:star2: Star-s of the week :star2:

LBank - Hong Kong-based centralized exchange. DAI/USDT has been listed. They are working on a DAI trading zone adding the DAI/BTC and DAI/ETH pair.

Gala Games just added DAI as a Coinpayments option in their store. DAI(BEP20) can now be used to purchase things on the website.

Tweet of the Week


Niiiice! And NBA Top Shots is accepting DAI
That feeling like’

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@Nadia @MarianoDP Just heard that Gemini Custody™ along with Coinlist are now offering Wrapped Filecoin (EFIL). Perhaps there’s an opportunity to set-up an Institutional Vault for EFIL, with the idea that Gemini/Coinlist can draw/gain more access to DAI?

Just TOL–so, if you think there’s something there you can reach Coinlist at [email protected]

Or, maybe structure a product–since Coinlist was the custodian of the 2017 Filecoin SAFTs, and Gemini Custody provided the wallets in 2020 for the Filecoin community–a structure product that allows EFIL depositors earn interest via DAI (like an aggregator). I dunno. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion Elpro, we are actively working with Genesis, more updates soon :wink:


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