Growth CU weekly update: August 6 - 12

General Updates

Institutional Vaults

We consider Institutional vaults a way to increase Dai supply using crypto collaterals. That’s why (as we have mentioned in the past) other DeFi platforms are pointing their efforts towards the inclusion of Institutions. Implementing Institutional Vaults and Long term Vaults proposal will allow us to attract TradFi companies to the protocol. Still, the problem is that most of them need to KYC an entity.

At the moment, we are having conversations with different companies interested in being the entity that uses Maker to give loans to their Institutional users. One of these companies is Nexo, and they will be the first user of the Institutional Vaults, with an implementation that satisfies their compliance requirements. Still, to maintain the decentralized spirit of the DAO, we are inviting others to create their version. It will take time and won’t be as efficient as if we make a unique framework for everyone, but that’s the challenge of all DAOs :).


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Bitbns - an Indian exchange :india:. During the next few days, Bitbns will include the DAI/INR pair and will start a series of campaigns to increase Dai awareness in the Indian market. Shout-out to @joce_chang

Skylo App is a wallet for P2P transactions with DAI from BSC, currently, they are running campaigns in Latin America, mostly in Argentina :argentina: and Venezuela :venezuela:. Shout-out to @Lozadaluis12

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