Growth CU weekly update: Jan 14 2022

General Updates

Multichain strategy.

We are discussing with PECU and other CUs our multichain strategy (L2 Stakeholder Alignment Meeting) by coordinating efforts, detailing the plan, and setting milestones. Our focus is on Dai integrations at the current stage, but as we go along the multichain roadmap, we will be concentrating our efforts on any of these three initiatives.

  1. Liquidity: Some partners are working with us to help us in the process of bootstrapping DAI liquidity in L2s. We are working with ImToken in a campaign to give their users DAI prizes in Arbitrum, and working with wallets like Argent and Dexs like DiversiFi to increase Dai usage in zkSync and StarkEx. Of course, we know that’s not enough, and that’s why we are discussing how to improve DAI liquidity in these L2s, although we are considering MMs, we are also thinking about having in-house solutions.

  2. Ecosystem: We are looking for partners who can offer these services to DAI users:

  • Get Dai
  • Save your Dai
  • Spend your Dai
  • Bridge your Dai
    The growth of our ecosystem is highly tied to Dai liquidity, although some of our partners integrate Dai without caring about its liquidity, others are looking for Dai to increase its liquidity before using it.
  1. Announcements, by using our partner’s marketing teams.

Content for our partners.

  • @zxMori created this PSM usage guide for our partners who want to use it but don’t know how :nerd_face:

:star2: Star-s- of the week :star2:

Stormx, a shopping app w crypto cash back rewards, will do a special dai promo w major brands where Stormx users who choose Dai as the crypto-cash reward, will get a gift card from the retailers, during the promo time period. Storm will utilize email promotions with dai and share user engagement for 3 months.

Embily added support for Dai, they are a wallet and visa debit card with 30k users in Europe and expansion in Us.

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Great work! Loved Samantha’s article. Extremely clear.