Growth CU weekly update: July 23 - July 29

General Updates

PSM delay Update.

Paxos will post about the Maker-Paxo partnership towards including PAX in the PSM. This agreement includes adding DAI to the Paxos Platform, which unlocks the below user flows:

  • User can swap supported fiat currencies for DAI using the PSM (if best market rate)
  • User can custody DAI
  • User can buy/sell crypto using DAI
  • User can deposit/withdraw DAI

These will be available directly on the platform or via API through our Crypto Brokerage product.

:star2: Star-s- of the week :star2:

DAI has been activated in Binance pay. With Binance Pay you can shop with DAI or send money to friends and family worldwide. In mid-August, Binance will merge Binance pay with Binance P2P, adding a flexible on-off ramp to the platform. Binance pay currently has 2million users.

Dai was part of the first NFT collection by Damien Hirst called “The Currency”, a collection of 10,000 nfts that correspond to 10,000 unique physical artworks. Launched on the Palm network, a new Ethereum side chain that supports Dai.

Attention CUs :loudspeaker: SuperFluid, a streaming real-time payments protocol, is live with Dai. They support use cases like paying salaries, subscriptions payments, rewards, and other perpetual payment types.

Tweet of the week


That already existed for quite some time natively with xDAI, in fact I received xDAI and some airdrops pair tokens for it.

Does it already work natively with Ethereum DAI?

I can’t wait to see the details, but I think there’s a lot of potential value for both parties if we do this right. Fantastic work.

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I swear, just the thought of an exit to fiat with DAI using PAX blows my mind. :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

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Yes, also on Polygon and Ethereum native (re: Superfluid)


Good stuff—a lot of chatter this week with Mercado Bitcoin raising tons of money from SoftBank and Lemon Cash out of Argentina also gaining traction. I was wondering if DAI is available in these two trending applications, and if so, any upcoming campaigns with either one?—especially Lemon since it’s getting traction in Argentina which I hope is still DAI strong.

Thank you in advanced.
-El Pro


Yep, both Dai and MKR are available on Mercado Bitcoin. Btw, did you know the CEO of Lemon Cash wrote about Maker and Dai back in 2018? Interesting read. Ethereum based stable coin is killing traditional bank loans: Ladies and Gents meet Dai


@ElProgreso are you reading our minds? @Lozadaluis12 is working with Mercado Bitcoin :brazil: and Lemon Cash :argentina: in the launching of a campaign with them to increase Dai awareness on those platforms. Shout out to Luis!!!


Great minds think alike, all good vibes to Luis, a hard worker.

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