Growth CU weekly update: July 30 - August 5

General Updates

PSM delay Update.

Paxos posted their proposal to include PAX in the PSM. Following @ultraschuppi recommendation, they are proposing similar parameters, and they also will add Dai’s support in their platform by the end of Q1 2022 (if not sooner).

@Growth-Core-Unit recommendation for the community is to not include any other stablecoin into the PSM unless they show interest in it and are willing to partner with the protocol. The PSM is a powerful DeFi use case for other stablecoins, and we are confident that after the inclusion of PAX others will be open for agreements with MakerDAO.

Collateral offboarding.

We continue our conversations with the projects that could be offboarded. Until now, Kyber (KNC-A) is the only one who is not interested in opening a vault to take the remaining debt.

MakerDAO valuation report.

:star2: Star-s- of the week :star2:

Recognized digital artist Micah Johnson, Async Art and @Growth-Core-Unit will be promoting a special day on Aug 10th, the birthday :birthday: of Rayden, one of 2 young boys featured in Micahs programmable artwork launched on Async Art last year called " 'sä-v(ə-)rən-tē", which symbolizes the adversity that people of color face in the US and the conversations around equity, diversity and financial inclusion. Dai and Bitcoin are supported currencies that people can donate to a fund set up for the boys who will have access to on their 18th birthday. You can learn more about this incredible art and cause (and how to donate Dai) here: Micah Johnson - ‘sä-v(ə-)rən-tē | Async Art

Battle Racers announce the Maker ShowDAOn tournaments, another tournament in DAI alongside Community Gaming with prizes in DAI, and a brand new NFT car limited edition named Zeta MKR, there are just 4 of these :eyes:. More info here.

Tweet of the Week

July PnL


I like that expense breakdown and the remainder of it, how cool, I hope other CU’s will follow.

In that case my question goes, what happens to the renamente? is it returned to the DAO?

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thanks @Saludiego_201! Every time we present a new budget proposal we will deduct the remaining budget, we think that’s easier than send it back to the DAO.

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