Growth CU weekly update: June 4 - June 10

General Updates

  • Dai in other networks.

  • Institutional Vaults post.

  • Highlights of Miami -thanks to @Jenn and @Gustav_Arentoft -:

    • Meeting with Aave Pro to understand their product and what’s needed to have Dai on that platform.

    • Meeting with Celcius, we talked about institutional vaults and CEL as collateral (they are willing to open a 100m DAI vault using CEL).

    • Meeting with Opera, they integrated Dai. It’s in beta for now… and they are thinking about OptimismDai.

    • Meeting with Blockfi (more details coming soon)

    • Meeting with a gameverse, what do you think about having the “office hours” in the Maker Bank (sci-fi style)? (more details coming soon)

:star2: Star-s- of the week :star2: :star2: :star_struck:

Korea :kr:

Bithumb, one of the largest Korean exchanges, listed Dai, and it’s the first and only Stablecoin on there. Also, D’CENT, a Korean hardware wallet, listed Klaytn Dai. Awesome job @joce_chang and @Doo_Nam

LatAm+Gaming :space_invader:

Do you know that people from different countries play Axie for a living? In LatAm, Axie is a popular game in Argentina, Venezuela, and Brazil because it allows you to earn crypto while playing. Next week 256 Axie players will participate in the second Latin Axie Championship for a prize pool in Polygon Dai. We’ve partnered with two Axie esports teams (Block Esports and Crit Theory Gaming), with Community Gaming to organize the tournament, and with Cryptorefills to incentivize the use of Polygon Dai inside their platform to buy Giftcards for games. KMANU88 will stream the tournament on his Twitch channel (+90k followers) and his youtube channel (+450k subscribers). Amazing job @Lozadaluis12


Growth is always such a fountain of good news. Tell all your people that y’all rock my socks.


Be nice to see these as graphs of amounts over time and totals. % out of 100% is kinda misleading.
I also would like to see included what is on L1/ETH against what is moving to L2.

Interesting here was every network basically lost DAI with Polygon being the single grower here which in itself is a interesting piece of news.

What I really want to see is whether on total DAI growth whether growth of DAI on L1 exceeded what is on L2.

My points with the above is that the above report while interesting is not showing the total story of DAI but only the L2 one which only tells me what I already knew (Polygon being the hot L2 and everyone else staying still or losing to them). I am more interested in the what the total DAI ecosystem is doing. I would also be interested in seeing a report of how much DAI was static (just sitting somewhere) vs. being moved around but I think those are harder numbers to think about generating.

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point taken, @SebVentures worked in something like that and we can start using his dashboards to analyze Dai flows.

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