Growth CU weekly update: May 14-20

General Updates

  • Dai in other networks (we are adding this segment in our weekly updates to follow Dai’s flow -thanks @SebVentures for the suggestion-)

  • Industrial Vaults/Custom Vaults: To develop this idea, we started conversations with our Vaults users to find out what they are missing in our portfolio so far. The first conversation was with the Yearn team. Take a look at @ultraschuppi post, which explains this YFI new vault type, with a higher Liquidation Ratio to get a lower Stability Fee. Thanks also to @PaperImperium, who has been actively showing us how important it is to understand what our top vault users want.

:star2: Star of the week :star2:

  • During the lasts weeks, MKR was listed in various exchanges. We want to be careful communicating this (to you -the community- and the outside). We need your help to find out what’s the best way to do it. Please, leave a comment here with your ideas.

In my opinion and previous experience, exchange listing is celebrated and communicated on all channels. Unless our legal counsel says we cannot do it (i.e. for a specific region) then we definitely should.

One can prioritize channels, i.e. we have 150K followers on twitter, so that’s probably top prio. This should be standardized really, as in, the person in charge of the social media channels should have a rather clear process on how to propagate the news: the format, the style, the added illustration/picture, the call-to-action, the people/orgs tagging, the hashtags, etc.

This effort should always be planned at least 7 days beforehand in order to get every party involved aligned with the plan and everything signed off by the necessary parties. That’s what I did in my previous position, it’s not rocket science but needs a good methodology, some deep knowledge into crypto (ideally) and a decent level of creativity to come up with refreshing/fun/insightful content.

This communication will come within a larger communication strategy where cadence of posts, tweets, twitter threads, and so on are defined on a long term plan. That will ensure a continuous engagement of our community and a gradual build up of content (vs a big bang followed by a 2 weeks radio silence).

Last but not least, most meaningful collaborations/partnerships announcements should be coordinated with the party involved via a co-marketing effort; that’s pretty standard in the industry, an easy win to maximize the impact of the announcement.

p.s. we’ll happily take care of that with the MarComm Unit, along with the help of other relevant teams (i.e. Growth and Content units).

@Nadia maybe something we need to address in a separate thread?


First of all, thank you very much for sharing the great news with the community!

Regarding the communication of new listings, I think it’s very important to be cautious about it. In my opinion, new listing announcements have became sort of a “mantra” for crypto orgs in the past couple of weeks, especially for new “shitcoins” which don’t do anything else but wait until some exchange lists them so they can share it on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram groups, etc. Unfortunately, the number of exchanges, however small/shady they may be, are often the main factor which new coins present to people as why they should invest in their token. Also, it seems to me that it became dangerously easy/available to pay some exchanges to list coins - this further undermines the validity of new listings.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s very important and desired to share the amazing news when a large/reputable exchange decides to list MKR. But I also believe there needs to be a balance. Maybe, new listings could be announced together once a week, or something like that so MKR’s social media does not get flooded with exchange listing announcements?

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

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Agreed. There is no need to announce an exchange listing unless it is tick those boxes (large/reputable).

Yes, these should be bundled to avoid flooding our channels. i.e. we might want to have a maximum of one twitter post per day, meaning that if we have 4 listings to announce it would make sense to bundle some of them to leave space for other announcements.

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Just curious, how are you thinking about announcing it? For example, Bithumb, one of the largest Korean exchanges, listed MKR recently. Curious what you would do in specifics

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