Growth CU weekly update: Nov 12-19

General Updates

Multichain strategy

Following PECU’s efforts to have DAI in other chains (Optimism, Arbitrum, and Starknet for now), the Growth team is working with those L2 to engage with their ecosystem lead to understand the existing landscape and identify where the focus areas should be. The three of them are focused on developing their community, attracting projects to build on them, and increasing liquidity.

Real-world Assets

We are seeing more TradFi companies interested in understanding how the Maker Protocol work. With the help of RWF CU we are creating an onboarding process for these companies to understand Maker and find the way to integrate with the protocol.

Offsite Growth+guests

After our experience working with other groups in Lisbon, we want to try a new format of offsite and open it to the community. We will discuss our priorities with the team during our offsite and define a plan to achieve our objectives as a core unit. We would also like to open this discussion and invite others to create the 1T growth vision.

The offsite will be from February 7th to the 11th in Mexico. The following week some of us will stay in Mexico for then go to Eth-Denver. We need to know how many of you want to join us to make the reservation and start planing the offsite. If you are interested, please send me a DM on discord or the forum.

:star2: Star of the week :star2:

Stormx app, a browser plugin that allows you to shop at 800+ online retailers and receive crypto cashback on purchases ( dai one of a few rewards), will do a promo with us to drive awareness to their 2mil users that dai is a good “stable” asset to choose for rewards. They will promote via email and in-app and us in Twitter and forum.

Tweet of the Week