Growth CU weekly update: November 4 - November 12

General Updates

EthOnline 2021.

As mentioned in previous updates, we want to re-appear in the grants scene, to have devs create on top of the Maker Protocol. EthOnline is the first hackathon we sponsored this year, and although we suggested ideas of what we wanted these hackers to build, the projects that applied for our grant didn’t do anything related to that. Instead, they were focused on using Dai as a stablecoin integrating it with superfluid to add streams into their idea.

These are the winners of the Maker prize:

  • Osmotic Funding distributes funds to gitcoin Grants from a pool of DAI based on their votes from the gitcoin token holder community.
  • MoNa, The project wants to bring cryptoeconomic/defi/game theory to the world of judging and interactions whit NFT.
  • Unstoppable Streams is a decentralized live streaming solution, with tickets as NFTs, streamed payments via super tokens, video NFTs from live streams, tips to creators, and random prize giveaways to stream viewers.

And our learnings of this process:

  • There are a lot of new devs coming into the space because of NFTs.
  • Interacting with the Maker Protocol is hard for new devs. If we want them to do something different than integrating Dai, we need to create more guides for new devs and be closer to them during the hackathons. Having a dev-advocate during the month of the hackathon is essential to onboard them on Maker.
  • We need to participate in more hackathons, It is not just a branding good practice. It also helps us interact with the ecosystem and let them know how they can collaborate with us.


We started working with BanklessDAO, the writers guild, to create press releases for Maker’s most important announcements. Once we have the press release (which is also posted in the BanklessDAO Medium), we distribute it to various media outlets to inform them about what is happening in Maker. Until now, BanklessDAO has done two:

:star2: Star of the week :star2:

Anchorage custody is live with Maker vote delegation. This is huge for us!!! and we are discussing with them about the announcement.

Tweet of the week

October PnL


Something as disruptive as anchorage is entering with us, really brutal, congratulations Nadia and your team.


This is a really cool partnership and makes a ton of sense for big announcements! I am curious how this integrates/relates to @Content-Production’s plan to hire a press relations-focused person for Press Releases and proactive media/press/influencer outreach. Have your two teams met/spoken about this?

Thanks for the update. The Anchorage news is huge.

From one of the articles under Bankless DAO – “Maker, lovingly dubbed as Ethereum’s “central bank”,”

We need to avoid calling ourselves or allowing others to call Maker a bank. Because Maker is not, and because it will attract regulators and politicians very quickly and not to give us a congratulatory pat on the back. A lender maybe, not a bank.


you’re right, we will pay more attention to this kind of thing @Corina @MarianoDP


thanks @omahalawyer I will make sure we avoid that in future content collaborations :slight_smile: