Growth CU weekly update: September 3 - September 9

General Updates

Onboarding new stablecoins to the PSM

We are having conversations with other stablecoin providers (GUSD, FEI, UST) and working with them on an onboarding proposal. Instead of them being just a PSM collateral, we are developing a partnership where both sides are committed to working together in a long-term relationship.

At the same time, we are reaching out to all aggregators to push the PSM-USDP integration.


We are sponsoring the ETHOnline hackathon, which starts next week with a technical workshop with @Petru_Catana from SES and officially kicks off on Friday - September 17th. For this hackathon, we will be giving prizes to the best integrations with the Maker Protocol. We are thinking about specific Prize names, but please leave a comment with your suggestions if you have an idea.

Welcome Feli to the fam!!

@zxMori is our Integrations Lead. He will be helping our partners to interact with the Maker Protocol. Felipe has been working as a Software Engineer for about five years, he started with crypto development right before the 2017 ATH. He has worked in several parts of the crypto ecosystem, getting to know a few prominent protocols inside out, like AAVE, Compound, The Graph, and Chainlink. We are very excited to have him on our team!! If you want to say hi to him, you can find him on RocketChat: @mori or Twitter: @fmorisan

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Tweet of the Week


This might not be the best thread for my comment, but any progress on integrating the DAI-USDP PSM into the DAI-USDC UI?

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@Tosh9.0 My understanding is that we’ll be pushing for PSM integrations into existing DEX aggregators, like 1inch, in order to give them more visibility to the wider DeFi community. Would this be right @Nadia ?

Keep in mind I’m still pretty new to the Growth CU. I might be wrong here :slight_smile:

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yes that’s right @zxMori

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Interesting – will that be done in parallel to or instead of having the DAI-USDP PSM available on the current DAI-USDC PSM UI? @zxMori

I don’t have an opinion either way (the former might be preferable alone) and am just curious.

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@smaugho and dSpot will be adding the DAI-USDP PSM to the existing UI (though I think technically it’ll be a new UI with both of them, due to how IPFS works.)


PAX was added and it is deployed in

Though we kept the name as PAX (and not USDP). Can be changed (and re-upload to IPFS), but our PSM will continue being called PSM-PAX-A I think, wonder if renaming to USDP could cause confusion?