Hack Value Before Hacking Growth -- VOTE "YES" FOR SAM, SEB, & JUAN ✔️

“Artist see things that other people don’t” – Steve Blank

A wise man once explained that true decentralized communities will be original. They will seek to change the rules than to follow the rules. Every community starts out dead, and has to prove that it is alive. It has to have a compelling and unconventional insight. Then it has to “hack value by offering something unique that people are desperate for”. Let’s dig in:

  • SAM MACPHERSON: Unique Dev from Canada who I can compare to the leader of a Jazz band. He has the ability to improvise, and allow the rest of the band ( in this case the Maker Community) to pick up a musical cue on the fly, and go with the flow. And when a Jazz Band improvises the outcome is singular. The Jazz Band leader analogy describes Sam, the talented musician in a band who guides and respond to an improvisational riff.

  • SEBASTIEN DERIVAUX: Speaking of Artist, in my opinion Community Leaders should be described as someone who can compel people to do things that are seemingly not logical. To realize their vision, they have to track other world class performers as well as visionary customers. They have to captivate their audience. This best describes Sev, a community member that can move and inspire our DAO to greatness.

  • JUANJUAN: Artistry comes from within. Nobody joins a “decentralized crypto community” because it’s the pragmatic choice. They are joining a crazy adventure which is initiated by an artist with a vision that is too beautiful and compelling to ignore. They do it because they believe! This is Juan. This is the passion he paints.

For these people :point_up: improvising is a feature not a bug. These type of people are rare, unique and the right kind of crazy. Just like a lot of real-life artist. Think about that…

Please vote to onboard for Sam, Seb, and Juan.

“Artistry is core to the job. So if you wondering if artistry is something you want to sign up for? Consider this your Rorschach test.” – Mike Maples, Jr.


Such a great post @ElProgreso! Thank you for supporting these core members of our community on their journey to become more “formally established” in the eyes of MakerDAO.

I have personally worked with all three members and cannot sing their praises enough. Both while working on projects/ideas for Maker, and asking questions about the Crypto space in general, @hexonaut, @SebVentures, and @juanjuan have given me so much time and attention (even when asking the noobiest of questions). Thank you for posting this again, I know we will be a stronger community with these roles formalized and all three members deserve the recognition and responsibility of these roles.