Happy New Year, MakerDAO. Glad I Found You

We just had a year, and now we have to do another one. :grimacing:

I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank everyone here who had to loop around the sun with me. I’d pledge to not be the resident pessimist or so curmudgeonly next year, but l prefer to just say I’ll put in more effort to follow the @LongForWisdom admonishment to assume the best intentions in others.

Maker has sucked me in to the point I have left archaeology, and the best part of any endeavor is, of course, the people. Have a wonderful New Year celebration tonight, and everyone stay safe from drunk drivers and coronavirus


As a big fan of your writings I want to thank you for being so active and so pessimistic, you’re a grounding force for when the kool-aid gets too strong.

It’s very rewarding to read (and re-read) you on the chat. Learnt a ton about economic history and regulation, I’m very glad you didn’t stick to archeology.

ps: if you ever decide to write about archeology please let us know, I think more than one of us will be interested in reading it!


Finally, we have someone who can really dig deep into the problem… :slight_smile:
Good to have you here.


Happy (and healthy) new year to you and yours !