Help attract, onboard and retain more developers in the Maker ecosystem!

Hey everyone!

Project X - Ray within SES is all about removing all bottlenecks and friction points when attracting, onboarding and retaining new developers in the Maker ecosystem.

Currently, we are focused on understanding and benchmarking how different projects go about doing this, and weighing the pro’s and con’s of different strategies.

As such, we have put together this survey intended for other teams and ecosystems in the space. and would really appreciate if it you could share it with anyone you know who works within another crypto ecosystem, or is actively attracting, onboarding or supporting developers within the crypto ecosystem.

Thank you in advance, and we look forward to sharing our findings in the coming weeks!


Not sure if this is related, or not — but last night I came across this PR from a company called Braintrust ( recruiter ) and they might have published/blogged some articles on their approach on how to attract/retain talent: Braintrust Publicly Launches BTRST Token to Power the World's First Decentralized Talent Network


thanks, ElPro!

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