[help] My CDP totally disappeared

I created it with a metamask address, I believe it was using a DS Proxy, I had it hooked up to Defisaver. Three days ago I see this transaction that I don’t think I made

And today I realized for the first time, my CDP no longer shows up. It had 160 ETH in it, so I am hoping it’s not totally lost…but I suppose it doesn’t look good.

Any ideas what that transaction is doing? None of my other assets on my metamask account seem to have been touched.

So I’ve traced a transaction I don’t think I made. Where, it looks like some state data in the Maker CDP Manager was changed from my DS Proxy address to a completely different contract.

My DS Proxy is the address ending in 2bb1. Did somebody just reassign the owner contract of my CDP??

further edit
It seems like the CDP ID was changed or deleted or something as well…

The ID used to be 13289, but now that doesn’t show up as the right one. In MKR tools.

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