Help: Switch from DAI to Eth back

Hey everybody,

I locked 0.9 Eth on the OASIS plattform. Switched 0.22 Eth into 20 DAI. Now I can’t pay the 20 DAI back to Eth. Can somebody explain me why? and what I have to do, that I can switch them back?
Thank you for any help

HI @Chip ,

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About your DAI, you can use

There is still lot of progress to do with most of wallets available. But Metamask also offer to work with DAI. Never try to change DAI for Ethereum . Only DAI for DAI and ETH for ETH.
It could not work and leave your DAI in another dimension.

If you need more help, we can help you.

Have a good day !!!

Hi Chip, trying to understand the issue here.

Are you saying you opened a Vault with .9 ETH as collateral, borrowed 20 Dai and now you can’t close out the Vault?