Help user test NFT badges for the forums

A team from CommDev has developed some beautiful badges for the forums and we’re looking for people who have voted in Governance Polls or Executive Votes to participate in user testing and be among the first to claim their badges!

Testing will be conducted from Wednesday, Sept 2 to Friday, Sept 4 between 9am and 4pm PST and the call should take 30-45 minutes.

Please schedule a time at or DM @seth.goldfarb in Maker Chat.


Is this for new votes or past ones?

Any votes!

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I am pretty sure I have a couple but no so many I will see if I can be around tomorrow. I will try to DM @seth.goldfarb directly say tomorrow as I am always curious to try out new stuff and hope to hell I don’t have to post any tx’s since I am running low on ETH in my MKR voting account. :frowning:

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