Help Wanted: GovAlpha

Help Wanted: GovAlpha

As part of our goal to reliably cover the responsibilities laid out in the GovAlpha mandate, GovAlpha is looking for contributors to work in a variety of roles. If you, or someone you know, may be suitable and interested please get in touch.

All roles are flexible and initially paid on an hourly basis. Experience and proven reliability will lead to a higher hourly rate, and potentially salaried work in the future.

Familiarity with MakerDAO and the Maker Protocol is not required. However, if you are unfamiliar with Maker there will be a learning curve.

Prior experience is not necessary, we are looking for candidates that feel they match the following statements:

  • You appreciate the value of doing good work for its own sake.
  • You are able to dedicate more than 8 hours a week to the role.
  • You are able to demonstrate general competence in your work activities.
  • You are comfortable taking initiative and self-directing.
  • You are comfortable having and expressing opinions.
  • You are comfortable changing your mind in the face of evidence.
  • You are able to explain why you are a good fit for working on the GovAlpha mandate.

GovAlpha Tracks

To aid communication around what sort of work is required, we’ve organised GovAlpha’s activities into a number of tracks. Note that this is a communication aid rather than a formal structure, it is easy to work in multiple tracks and switch between them easily.


This track involves the operation and improvement of MakerDAO governance processes. If you are interested in the theory and operation of governance, this may be a good place to start. This track culminates in the role of Governance Facilitator.

Initial tasks could include:

  • Summarizing weekly forum activity (Forum at a Glance)
  • Tracking delegate performance.
  • Producing poll wording for the weekly governance process.
  • Assuring that new signal requests meet the requirements and best practices.
  • Producing and doing QA on meeting minutes.
  • Producing governance-targeted documentation of the Maker Protocol.

Project ownership could include:

  • Governance Documentation - Maker Operational Manual
  • Governance Documentation - Community Portal
  • Voting Portal Development
  • Snapshot
  • Voter Register / Emergency Contact
  • SourceCred
  • Emergency Response Process Documentation
  • Delegate Liaison


This track involves the operation and improvement of the MIPs process specifically. If you find MIPs interesting and you want to help make them better, then this is where to be. This track leads to the role of MIP Editor.

Initial tasks could include:

  • Scanning new and existing MIPs for inconsistencies, unclear wording, and other issues.
  • Helping keep the MIPs Repository up to date.
  • Helping MIP Authors manage through the creation and submission process.
  • Producing the weekly MIPs Update.
  • Presenting the weekly MIPs Update.

Project ownership could include:

  • MIPs Portal
  • MIPs Quality Assurance
  • MIPs Process Ownership
  • MIPs Documentation and Accessibility


This track involves owning and managing some of the projects that GovAlpha takes on to improve governance within MakerDAO. If you are detail oriented, and you enjoy taking on responsibility and management tasks, this track may be a good fit.

Initial tasks could include:

  • Tracking GovAlpha Budget Payments
  • Transparency Reporting for GovAlpha
  • GovAlpha weekly updates
  • Exploring Task Management Software options for GovAlpha

Project ownership could include

  • Managing GovAlpha Operations + Budget
  • Managing ‘status frontend’ grants.
  • Managing other governance projects.


This track highlights the MakerDAO communications platforms, primarily the Maker Rocketchat platform and the MakerDAO Discourse forum. If you care about good discussion, the effectiveness of MakerDAO and facilitating positive interactions this could be the track for you.

Initial tasks could include:

  • Summarizing weekly forum activity (Forum at a Glance)
  • Forum Moderation
  • Maintaining discourse tags to aid discoverability.
  • Chat Moderation
  • Managing Rocketchat titles such that it is clear who is working in the DAO, and what they’re doing.

Project ownership could include:

  • Forum Structure Management
  • Forum Plugins and future development.


If you feel that you are interested and capable of helping with any of these tasks, please reach out to @LongForWisdom or @Prose11 on the MakerDAO Rocketchat, or respond to this forum post.


I do not speak English, I am in classes, but I am able to understand it and write it in a good way as they say in Venezuela, is it a necessary factor to be only an English speaker? Or is there space for Spanish speakers which is the largest community outside of English here on the forum.


I am definitely interested, I like the MakerDAO community and I am an active member of the Spanish speaking community, would there be any problem for that?

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Thanks for responding @Saludiego_201 and @Alefcripto!

So I’ll start off by saying there is no issue with you being involved with the Spanish-speaking community, quite the opposite, in fact.

I will say that most of the public and private meetings within MakerDAO take place in English, and I think that is unlikely to change in the near future. I think we can definitely work around a weakness in spoken English, but it will make it more difficult for you to coordinate within GovAlpha, and it will limit your ability to meaningfully engage in MakerDAO public meetings. So I would encourage you to work on your spoken English alongside any work you decide to do with GovAlpha.

If you’d both like to get in touch with me on rocketchat we can discuss where your individual interests lie and potentially find something for you to work on.


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