Help with Dai from Sai

Hello ive recently open my enjin wallet since last year and my Dai balance is now in Sai how is possible and how do i replace these Sai coins back to Dai thanks for any help. Is this the correct platform for this problem?

On November 16th of 2019 MCD went live and the brand name of DAI migrated to that. The old DAI, was renamed SAI, and was managed by governance until earlier this year. At that time, global settlement for SAI was triggered, and SAI became locked to the price of ETH at that point.

The good news is, at the moment, that value was lower than the current price of ETH which means your SAI is worth more than $1 USD of ETH. To claim the ETH backing it, please visit:

You can learn more here:


Hi cmooney sorry for late response when i went to the migrate and upgrade page because my SAI are in a enjin wallet and i press active wallet tab i get the pop up msg
Error: No web3 provider detected
how do i get around this thank you for you help

HI Hello can anyone help with my situation with my Dai turned into Sai coin how do i get back my Dai thank you

It seems that you have a wallet/browser issue. I’m not a user of the said enjin wallet, but I’ve read on this blog post that it includes a dApp browser.

Please use the enjin browser to go to the address provided by @cmooney, since you will need to connect your wallet to the page.

Hope it helps.

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