Hosting a Live Maker DAI Gouvernance Session Informations ( Montreal Area)

Hi all,

The grant have been approved, so we can move on to the next chapter

I will be hosting a live event informations about Maker, DAI, Gouvernance and ideas related to these points.

It will be from 14h30 Pm until the next day in the morning.

We have a planing already made and here it is :

14h30 Be on time, All is more than welcome, there is limited room so you must DM me and the numbers of seat you need.

17h00 Dinner time, with refreshment , good food and other homemade things.

18h00 Informations Session Starting on a live stream Twitch Channel and will be live until all informations are given.

Bring your own Lap-Top portable computer or even Fulltower with screen, we have room and much electrical outlet for this, we will accommodate everyone who come with a smile and a warm welcome.

We will keep on going, to play video games and talk about crypto for the most interested one, feel free to DM me or ask question directly here on the forum .

We did planned to go at ESports Montreal to make it even funnier. There is Alchool there for the people that want to drink, but don’t forget, no drinking and driving, always stay safe.

Esports Montreal is a gaming place, where there is virtual reality as well as full computer with high end hardware to satisfy your needs.

A allocation budged is allowed to the people in need, but you will need to tell me before Saturday Night

Come get involved in the project, we need everyone that want to learn something great and expand opportunities.

Hope to see you soon there !

Have a great day and don’t forget to say A Warm Thanks to Maker for this funding party.


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