How Can We Help Our Core Unit Teams and Maker Community Members Avoid Burnout?

Burn baby, burn is usually music to my ears when MKR is sent to the Flapper. But in the workplace it is defined as a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. Wikipedia describes its as “feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job; and reduced professional efficacy.”

I have heard people described burnout similar to hitting a wall (not sure if y’all have ever rode a bike/played backyard American football—and crashed into a wall–not fun :laughing: ). But instead of falling to the ground in need of relief, or taking a rest—you scale the wall and keep going. And it doesn’t happen because we are falling behind on our work requirements (to-do-list), or because we are lacking abilities, or because our personal life’s are interfering with work, aka the quest for a fully decentralized financial ecosystem.

From what I read, burnout can occur when everything in our lives feels unstable and we convince ourselves that working all the time is what will fix it. It’s what happens when you feel catastrophe could be around any corner and that there are no social safety nets to catch you. You pretty much short-circuit.


However, because we are so passionate about MakerDAO/DAI, Ethereum, DeFi, etc., we keep going. And through it all we fail to recognize it.

I wrote this on a morning when I woke-up thinking about the rumored burnout suffered by the Devs at Covered/Ruler protocol and this article " The Secret to Happiness at Work "

This forum post wants us to take care of one another and ask that you continue our “esprit de corps” — lets keep that common spirit that we share existing in our community/Core Units—let’s inspire enthusiasm, devotion, loyalty, camaraderie, engagement, and strong regard for the welfare of the CU teams and the community.

What are some of the strategies we can implement to reduce burnout? How can we decrease and mitigate stress? How can we emphasize that quality is a journey and not a destination? Can we keep our CUs and community members engaged, fulfilled, and as resilient individuals who are connected and supported by a network of similarly engaged colleagues with a shared purpose? In my opinion, these are all questions and hurdles that we must tackle in-order to help establish our “esprit de corps” mission for MakerDAO.

So, I ask that you love yourself and others—take care by paying attention to your diet and get out there and disconnect via some type of physical activity. Meditation? I can’t grasp it — but if you can, I heard it helps :slight_smile: – Let me know how you think we can keep ourselves from the dreaded “burnout” syndrome.

"Never let the failure myth stop you from building something great that changes the future" -Unknown

Special shutout to @aburban90 who is trying to spread love the Core Unit way.


Let’s get more specific. Check out Here’s a workplace intervention study, Slimming the Gecko |

Maybe the easiest way to learn meditation is,



Starting every governance and risk meeting with a guided meditation is the best way to learn meditation. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not sure about that. Best to keep your pants on for Zoom meetings. :wink:


Burnout is real. How to Unplug From Work | Founder's Journal

“ Even if you’re a workaholic, your job is not the only thing that defines you in life”

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Being humble, open minded and respectful and, most importantly, thanking community members for their inputs and suggestions. These seems to reduce the stress for me.


To be honest, when I get stressed, I work more to relieve the stress… Is it because I am Korean? Hmm maybe?


Wow, I wish this worked for me :smiley:


It works great with a minor side effect of shorter life span :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Definitely an important topic. I think one often-overlooked way to tackle burnout is proper decentralization/redundancy. In my personal experience, burnout is aggravated by feeling that everything is on your shoulders, or that you are stuck trying to preform tasks that you aren’t mentally up for. Having other people that can preform your duties allows for proper mental health breaks and a shared burden.

I think we really have a chance to culturally prevent burnout simply by building a proper decentralized network that allows contributions to take the time off they need and know that they are not solely responsible for tasks. By sharing knowledge and responsibility we can create a functional machine with plenty of back up parts to swap in where needed.

Also a huge advocate for meditation. Taking time to experience the joy of existence is both relaxing and empowering. There is joy in breath, and greater fulfillment in using that breath for something that matters, with people that care about you :slight_smile: I think maintaining the welcoming and engaging atmosphere of Maker is paramount to this as well.