How do we face it? Aave will launch liquidity mining and token pledge reward programs, and will also launch a new token AAVE to replace Lend

Like my initial guess, more and more DEFI will be added to liquidity mining, and the impact on our MAKER will become more and more obvious. How do we face these? Now, we should first adopt the simplest and most direct method (PSM), and then adopt some other complicated methods.

I personally prefer to mortgage MKR to generate DAI and reward those who mortgage MKR. This mutual incentive will make the scale continue to expand.

I don’t understand why everyone keeps saying to print Dai and sell it to buy MKR. This idea is flawed because the value is not being held securely. MakerDao would be selling Dai and then buying something (in this case MKR) that can simply rise in price to match the buying pressure and as soon as the trade needs to reverse poof MKR goes right back to the old price it was at and now all that value is gone. Or worse, it could be lower even.

Yes, I gave up my idea. Because I saw better suggestions from the community.

You can refer to the role of the SNX token cited in the Synthetix project, some of our ideas are similar to this. As long as MKR is repurchased in the market, the number of MKR will decrease, and the price of MKR will be supported or even rise sharply. As long as DAI is printed, MKR will be purchased, and eventually the number of DAI will increase, and MKR is the price increase. They will inflate each other.

Here, we use excess USDC to buy MKR in the market. In fact, this idea is similar in some places.