How exacly executive vote works?


I’ve taken a look on

and followed to etherscan links,
Current Hat

Executive from 2.01.2020

and found something interesting.

    require(!done, "spell-already-cast");

if I’m not mistaken that line means that any spell executed in a past (so the one that has won anytime in a past) Cannot return back into power, because even if MKR holders stake their tokens back and

cast() was executed it will revert because of that line

In other words all MKR’s on all executives with status Passed (ones that has been Hats once but are not anymore) are pointless and could be well enough returned to the voter.

That is actually also much different that I was expecting. I was quite sure until recently that executives can be reused, so we can go back to old settings of a system.

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Yes. To go back to old settings you would just deploy the same spell (same contract) again and vote for new address.


I understand that this is a possibility but that is not the same, It requires everyone to vote again on something they once did and never withdraw their support.

I must say I was suprised to find that require in a code

Hi @Adam_Skrodzki Yes, once a proposal is successfully voted in and cast, it cannot be voted in again. Said in Maker terminology - A spell once cast can not be cast again. As jernejml says we can always create a new spell with the same values if it is needed - but as with any spell, it will require enough votes in order to become the new hat. This behaviour functions as a way to protect the system where each new spell can only be cast if it exceeds the amount of MKR on an existing spell.

If it works this way I think it will be logically consistent to return all MKR that sits on old executives (Passed, but not being a Hat) since they have no use.

I wonder if there is no attack vector there. What if now someone put MKR on some old executive so it get higher than current hat, wouldn’t it increase requirements for all new votes?

You would need more vote that most popular executive not more than current hat.

And it is not so theoretical as it seems. I see currently on

50k MKR’s sitting on 08 Jan 20 vote, so if someone put theree additional 3k it would be harder to vote out than current Hat

on vote passed 06 Dec 19 there is more than 36k

on vote passed 22 Aug 19 (sic!) theree is almost 13k

Or ‘it is a feature not a bug’ ? Like You want MKR holders to give ability to contestate current directions of governance by putting MKR’s to some old proposal and basically freezing governance? It is significantly easier with all this votes sitting on old proposals probably completely unintentionaly

This has happened several times. I wouldn’t call it in attack though, it just makes it harder to change the system.

I would call it a feature, but I don’t like it because it’s opaque and not messaged clearly in the current UI.

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Thank you for this post as I have not entirely been able to dig into details of how the executive works and seeing stuff like this answered is really helpful to me.

Actually situation I’ve described takes place right now.

I understand that due to mentioned require in a code past state will not be rolled back.

But here is a question,

How long this old proposal need to stay a Hat to be reintroduced ?

How we distinguish voters that where so lazy that they left theirs MKR on some random executive in a past from those who actually genuinely disagree with every change since 08.01.20 ? For instance they contestate SAI/DAI SF raise

We cannot. There is also an option that someone is annoyed as you are, and does this to force/speed up change in the voting system.

Never. You probably mean that clone is created and put to executive vote?
I guess the answer is only if there is consensus on this forum and we put clone hat executive to the poll. Or if regular polling wins exact same parameters.

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Sorry for creating that impression I’m just curious.

Yes that is exacly what I have ment. I understand that contract 0x333c0501182170c5002219380ded6b12c338e272 cannot be executed again (That was my initial remark in a thread). I’m asking when actual position of MKR hoders will be taken under account.

Thanks for answer. I think I will take a look how much of this MKR’s sitting on old executives participated in later polls. That might be distinguishment between “laziness” and “disagreement”

I should not used the word “annoyed”. I think a lot of community members find current voting system not optimal (including hat on already cast spells) and could be improved on.

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I’ve found another intriguing feature of a system.

You can vote to more than one executive at once (up to 5 with current settings), which makes ability to lock new proposal even easier.

Example transaction:

That makes preventing new executives even easier. Why vote works that way ?

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