How to close your oasis CDP and pay the accrued interest in MKR?

In the old CDPs you could pay your accrued interest with MKR

Now I see option to pay back everything only in DAI and then withdraw all the eth and the CDP stays open, is that supposed to be so?

I remember the idea before was to pay the interst in MKR and that MKR was burned, hence MKR was good investment if makerdao is widely used.

Is the acrued interest in DAI used to buy MKR now and burn it or what is the dynamic now and why the changes?

it’s for simplicity, mostly.

The debt has to be paid back in DAI.
With those DAIs, we buy (in the open market) and then burn MKR.

Edit: some of the DAI is used to buy/burn MKR. So part of the DAI is instead used to pay for people working for MakerDAO (devs, governance, etc) and some part goes into a reserve (currently consisting of about 6m DAI).

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