I Voted! A DSChief v1.2 voter appreciation thread

Hello everyone!

This morning I opened my laptop to great joy seeing the new Chief is over half way to being secured! We still have approx. 37,500 MKR to go at the time of drafting so still a bit of a hill to climb. I know for small MKR holders (like myself) these big votes can seem like something only whales participate in, but I wanted to give a little community support to everyone that has taken the time to help secure the hat. Since the badges don’t always display properly, how about we get some forum appreciation going to all our DAO members and MKR holders that participated?

Whether you voted with .001 MKR or 10,000 drop a line below and get some love (and hearts) for fulling your DAO civic duty! Remember we want to have this passed before Friday so every last sat counts!!


Yes indeed, ”Whoaaaaa we’re half-way there…”!! Thank you @prose11 and to everyone who has and will participate in the Chief activation spell!

I’m super looking forward to our upcoming DC-IAM executive and other RWA proposals that will be coming soon, but first…Chief Chief Chief :))


How can you NOT vote for the Chief. #Legend

We are ALL writing history.


Right on @Derek and @ElProgreso! Thanks for all the work you put into the community! It looks like we need less than 30,000 MRK to secure the hat! If you’re on the fence about voting, a cool statistic is that so far 14 wallets have voted with 100 MKR or less! In fact, four of those wallets contributed 1 MRK or less! So hop on over to vote.makerdao.com and help pass the new chief!



Enough said…

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Maker, our future is not a dream! Please vote! I have voted.


BUMP BUMP BUMP!! We’re so close team but we need some more MKR to make this happen! Thanks for your vote @hongbiao_li! We’re close to making history and taking another step toward digital revolution!