Increasing SourceCred Payouts

Over the past few weeks the SourceCred working group has been debating whether to increase weekly payouts from 2,500 DAI to 5,000 DAI. We’ve now decided to go ahead and increase the payout to 5,000 DAI per week, starting in December.

We feel this is a benefit for the following reasons:

Additional Signups

We are seeing additional users sign-up for the initiative, and more users means the payouts are split between more people, reducing the average payout.

Small Portion of Protocol Income

5,000 DAI/week is still an insignificant fraction of the total current income of the Maker Protocol (even excluding stablecoins, but may make a meaningful difference to the amount of time contributors feel they can spend on Maker.

With 250k per week of non-stablecoin income, at 5,000 DAI per week, this comes to 2% of the Maker Protocol’s income. Note that for the time being, this continues to be paid by the Maker Foundation.


Growth of the DAO is a key goal at the moment. Having more community members gives the protocol a larger pool of potential talent that may be willing to work more formally for the DAO.


Using SourceCred in MakerDAO is still considered to be in a trial phase, experimenting with the total payout will hopefully allow us to better set the payout amount when / if the DAO is paying for SourceCred with funds from the Maker Protocol.

Edit: Forgot to add, this starts in December.


Nice! Thank you Maker Foundation :grinning:

I seriously wish we could do a Holiday party–you know, to get both the Foundation & Community folks in the Holiday spirit. Even if we can’t get together at the moment :frowning_face: Its been quite the year for both the Foundation and the Community. It can only get better…

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Nice! I think it helps prompted people to participate. People like me, who are newcomers and wants to help contribute to the community!


As already said in an other post. I an amazing new, but people should participate even if there is no reward ^^

You can create some goodies ! And start a contest to create and choice a design.

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@Felix, we just processed your opt-in. You should see yourself in next week’s distribution.

Can I get my back-dated payout now that I’m no longer with the Foundation? Or still no? Just wondering!


i want to push back slightly on the idea ‘people should participate with no reward’ - of course some people will always volunteer their time, but many more people who have the ability to contribute expect payment beyond some threshold of time/effort/attention/seriousness/regularity where it feels like ‘work’

as long as the algorithm doesn’t encourage low effort ‘me too’ spam, it’s pretty crazy that the opportunity even exists to reward people directly for real $, could you even imagine what would need to happen to do this in a ‘traditional’ way with bank accounts etc.?

This is great news. Since I started working full-time again I have not been able to contribute to Maker DAO as much as I used to. Since I have limited time to keep up with the changing landscape of DeFi, I prioritize Maker DAO and this certainly is a factor to determine where I want to spend my time contributing.


We need to find a way to make sure you can still meaningfully contribute even if you can’t be on the forums 24/7. We’ll be a much more successful community if we can accommodate different levels of participation.

Do you have any ideas how we can achieve this? What would your ideal world look like? Maybe this is something that we can bake into the SourceCred incentives.

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I guess there no perfect solution. I also spoke about an other “issue”. Not really an issue, but don’t know how to phrase it.

I also saw a topic to reward users when they voted. I think it’s also a good idea. But you also don’t want people to vote randomly to received rewards. To be honest i thinks it’s very hard to find a perfect solution. I also think that people very involved in the governance and spending working almost full time on it, should have a special status and be paid by the governance. As is it done on several others DAO.

Amen to that! I’d love to see our core community really start getting compensated.


I think it makes sense. If you are full time here and write very nice content, I think it makes sense to be properly paid for that. And others members should acknowledge that.
This is why I wrote that people should also participate without reward. Members of the community should do it because they want to be involved in the project. BUT core members, running to the community should be awarded for that, either using fixed salary (determined by the community, or with grants).

Anyway it’s very interesting to be on several DAO and see different organizations.

I don’t exactly know how you would be able to quantify the rewards based on the meaningfulness of a person’s contributions. For example, determining what is more valuable risk assessment, writing GitHub code, writing posts, voting on polls, ideation, etc. I am sure that SourceCred will iterate and find cool new ways of rewarding people and in so doing attract more financial and social capital to Maker DAO. I for one would be the first to quit my job and work a 50-hour workweek for Maker DAO since it is a passion project rather than working a dead-end job that I hate but need for sustenance. I am sure there are many bright and unique thinkers that would do likewise if given the opportunity.


Fantastic news.

Beside all other good comments made above by others, I’d like to ask if SourceCred could start making small improvements for this new ‘phase’ starting in December. For example:

  1. would it be possible to make weekly payments rather than monthly?


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judging the quality and validity of contributions with an algorithm is not really possible on a case by case basis, e.g. this is a problem that gitcoin faces too

doing it manually is likely way more effort and chaos that it is worth, and then who pays for the people reviewing ‘quality’… do we use kleros?

really i’m not excited about the ability to measure and judge in this way, but the idea that a ‘good enough’ algorithm will make the forums better in some ambient way, and all happens automatically… very cool :sunglasses:

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Hey @cyrus, you’re definitely eligible! One potential issue is that much of your Cred was earned while you were working for the Foundation. Because the original motivation behind not including Foundation members was to avoid double paying (which some in the community thought unfair), paying the full catchup payment would likely contain some double pay. Due to the nature of the algorithm and payout mechanism, separating out Cred and DAI earned in different time periods can be tricky… This is a problem we need to solve though. Raising this issue with the SourceCred working group and will keep you posted.


SourceCred’s strategy is to rely not just on objective metrics or human subjectivity, but intersubjectivity. In the below article I explore how SourceCred does this in the context of DAOs.

For now, I think the algorithm is doing a good job just using data from platforms (Discourse, Discord, GitHub, etc.). But as we try to fill in gaps not captured by those platforms (e.g. project management, emotional labor, leadership, etc.), we are likely going to need higher-level governance mechanisms, essentially, to reach consensus and resolve disputes. It’s going to be a challenge to keep the neutrality (hopefully credible :sweat_smile:) we have now.

GitCoin is working on a SourceCred plugin :wink:

Welcome to the rabbit hole :exploding_head:


Can look into it. The way it works currently, we invoice the Foundation for the prior month’s rewards, then once we have the funds process the payouts manually. Iirc, we invoice monthly because we’re part of the Foundation’s monthly billing cycle for other grants and expenses (we’re still funded by a dev grant). Just to be extra careful with large amounts of money, the internal process on our end is fairly manual and tedious. We are building some automation into instances including storing ETH addresses in the ledger, and if our Declaration of Intent funding MIP passes, the plan is to revisit funding before we begin our six month march to a protocol integration. So weekly payouts could become more feasible soon.