[Informal Poll] Discord chat

today @NikKunkel in the rocket.chat wrote:

and this started a discussion.

Before starting a formal Signal Request for the creation of a discord server, I thought it would be useful to have a preliminary discussion, to sense if there is a real interest.

Some elements to consider before answering the informal poll:

  1. Rocket.chat has worked fine in the last few years in that it kept the community kind of ‘shielded’ from meme-boys. This kind of reflects the culture of MakerDAO based on very polite discussion, generally well-educated etc.
  2. At the same time, Discord is the standard chat platform of all Crypto (and not just crypto). It would simplify the life of many, and surely will attract many new people. Ultimately this is (imho) a good thing. In large numbers you find all types of people, including good/useful/serious ones.
  3. We will probably have to organise properly: several channels, moderators, bots, etc. This will require time/energies.
  4. At the same time, though, SourceCred already supports Discord (@s_ben) and we could reward valuable Discord-activity (like moderation) with cred.

In general I love the calm environment of rocket.chat, but I think it is terrible for some tasks (e.g., searching old discussions). All in all, I am probably favourable to move to discord.

Would you like to have an official MakerDao Discord server rather than the current Rocket.chat?
  • YES
  • NO

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Does it make sense in any circumstance to run both? Or is that too much of a headache for moderation/co-ordination?

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imho it would be pointless. I should add one point:

  1. In discord it is possible to restrict access to some channels only to some authorised users.

I think it would be reasonable to create a channel reserved to people with >k (K any threshold considered sufficient) cred so to have a basic filter.
In some discord servers I have even saw channels accessible only if you have >K tokens of a certain type, etc.


I personally get a lot of value out of the Rocket Chat. I think it is just enough barrier to entry that you really have to want to take part in the MakerDAO chat.

Every discord channel I follow gets polluted with noise, scammy messages, and low-effort posts.


Me too. What you said is true, but isn’t the barrier a little bit too high?
I mean, MakerDAO is the largest DeFi project and one of the largest DAOs (if not the largest) and we have less than 20-30 people daily active in rocket.chat and on this forum.


Yes fair enough. I suppose as an extremely part-time participant and lurker I’m not really the target audience for a Discord channel.

I find cruising through the Rocket Chat daily or every couple days is about as much as I can keep up with so I guess my concern is just that with Discord any signal I currently identify would get lost in the noise.

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That’s why I think we should have both. Rocket Chat for more measured discussion and Discord/Telegram for getting the degens in the door (they serve a purpose as well). Can Discord have private channels like Rocket Chat that you can’t see?

I will say that I’m not looking forward to moderating a discord server.


I also find Discord has way too much noise for most crypto platforms. I’m not sure it adds that much value given the effort required to moderate it.

Remember, we still have the Maker subreddit for the degens to post in.

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Having owned and managed a philosophy Discord server with 5,000 members, I’d personally stay away.

If we do decide to go forward with it, I can see two scenarios happening. Either we let people run loose, risking damage to our brand, or we assign enough manpower to moderate the discussion well, essentially translating to about 2-3 full time moderators, going upwards to 5 in hard times or if SourceCred is implemented.

Echoing @LongForWisdom, I’m not looking forward to that job either.


I get this and I frankly agree.
But the question emerges naturally: why all other projects are using Discord?

It seems likely to me that, while costly, there are some good returns in growing the community.

We have issues bringing/keeping out partners on RocketChat. But at the same time, not sure Discord would be any better. Not sure we want Slack/Teams. At the same time, maybe we want a digital workspace …

The Maker Reprensetative group for 6S is already on Telegram as well and some people here prefer to use Telegram.


I’m surprised at the lack of love for Discord. I’m brand new to Rocket Chat but have used Discord for a while and the product seems vastly superior to Rocket Chat. I follow multiple projects on Discord and only use Rocket Chat for MakerDAO which admittedly I neglect since it’s isolated from everything else.

If MakerDAO had a Discord server I would be participating more frequently. I think it would also make for a powerful tool for Core Units to coordinate work with their teams.


Selfishly voting no to avoid an “Eternal September” situation

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Telegram is i think “worse” than discord (because of bots and tons of scammers over there), it would need lot of moderation.

Discord it’s been pretty used by all the other major DeFi Protocols (Uniswap, Yearn, 1inch, etc…), but there still to much to moderate, keeping everything in rocketchat sounds nice in order to keep the DAO chill for work.

But in order to get mass adoption (from crypto community), honestly Discord is the best plattform, since we see on the MakerDAO Telegram chat that there is not much value or trully conversations over there.


I personally do not like Rocketchat and use discord. But discord does attract a lot of riff raff.

This is an important point. Earlier this year, “Maker the money lego” won the poll on the MakerDAO vision. This means integrating a lot with the crypto space and other protocols. Yet we stay an outlier and add friction to collaborate with others’ protocols (minor friction I would say, but still a discrepancy between our vision and the reality).


Aww man, I’m sorry I missed this. Would have suggested “Maker the lego board”


I voted “yes” purely out of my personal practical reasons → too many chat apps to monitor … A quick count of the chat apps I use amounted to 8, Rocket.chat, Discord, Viber, Signal etc.

Functionality-wise all of them are ok as I’m a very basic user most of the time and usually don’t care for bots or how hard a particular chat app is to manage, but I do realize some of them can be difficult to manage.

On the other hand I do appreciate the more calm and reasonable chat in MakerDAO but I never really connected that to the chat app used, I just imagined that’s because of a somewhat more mature community and general culture. If that was indeed connected to the Rocket.chat I would vote “no” :slight_smile:

As mentioned, voted “yes” out of selfish reasons, but I would ultimately rather leave the choice to the chat moderators and maintainers.

Everything, but having both. If we migrate to discord (i don’t see what we really gain, but ok),
then you need to lock rocket chat write mode, but keep running it in read only mode.
Otherwise we lose search history.