[Informal Poll] Discord chat

Uniswap hired a company (I think Micah Zoltu, who has been active here has something to do with it) which is responsible for first line help on Discord. They’re pretty good at what they’re doing (answering questions, helping with stuck transactions and so on).

Perhaps we should too?


Micah is at Uniswap? I thought he had joined RAI.

But yea–do we really think that Discord will see more action than RC? Wondering, as RC sometimes can quickly turn into a ghost town.

I don’t know. All I know he’s Discord admin at Uniswap.

I’m pretty sure Discord will see more traffic. More spam, too.


@MicahZoltu ?

Dude Micah has not stopped by here in 150 years. Doubt he’ll ever come back. Last time I spoke to him, he was not too fond of us… what can you do.

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http://serv.eth (or https://serveth.support if you are on a legacy browser)

I don’t work for Uniswap, but my team was hired on by them as part of their grants program and (unrelated to that) I’m a moderator in their server but that is basically just banning scammers.

I can be summoned with a mention. :smiley: While I don’t agree with all of the decisions Maker has made over the recent year(s), I don’t harbor I’ll will toward the project and I still consider it more honest than most projects in the space.

If you all are looking to hire tier 1 support (triage, answering basic usability questions, first touch, etc.) feel free to reach out!


awesome news!

This might be a practical way to address issues like:

Also, the support of SourceCred provides another incentives.

Lastly, there are very cool bots on discord.
For example it’s very easy to tip people (https://tip.cc/).

I have witnessed the following phenomenon: if you tip people (like with 1 or 2 DAI) that answer (well) questions, or that are politely useful in any way, this tends to improve dramatically the environment.

It’s crazy how little incentives (1 or 2 dai) can make some very concrete difference.


That support service is a great idea. If we do move to Discord I’ll be 100% for having Micah’s team there to help and to moderate.


Also Uniswap Discord has pretty good ticketing system used for those issues which Micah team cannot solve instantly + some good antispam measures. It’s worth checking out.

I was initially very against Discord, it thought it’s some platform targeted to gamers with lot of silly and annoying messages and so on, but now I’m quite convinced it’s a great tool for communities like ours. Of course RC will have special place in my heart forever, but I feel it’s time to move on.


Feels like this might be worth exploring regardless of whether we move to discord. Currently everyone just helps people as they feel like it, which works well enough, but is sometimes distracting.

It also doesn’t really make sense efficiency-wise for the smart contracts devs and others with specialized roles to be doing that themselves.

The advertised pricing is like $500 a month to start. With current volume of people needing help I don’t think we’d go much over that.


One thing I try to make very clear to everyone is that my team’s support services should be considered Tier 1, which means first line of answers to basic usability questions and such. They are not seasoned developers, so their ability to troubleshoot advanced questions is limited. Of course, over time they tend to pick up common answers of all levels and they can provide rapid first response to users whdch helps people feel heard.

I just want to make sure expectations are appropriately set. :smiley:


@ElProgreso pointed out that Discord channels in multiple languages might be a big plus. Would tier 1 support extend to some common non-English languages too @MicahZoltu?


Unfortunately we do not have the staff to handle multi-language yet, only English.

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Micah is quite humble here, from what I saw they can handle perhaps 80% requests from users. Of course I’d expect them to be able to explain all most important Maker DAO concepts like vaults, collateralization, stability fee, liquidations and so on. Some has to train them, I’m not sure how this is handled?


The normal way we do training is having them read introductory user material and play around with the app on a test network to familiarize themselves with the application and UI. They usually ask me or the product owners questions along the way. Basically, they go through the same “training” as a new user of your product would go through, which is public facing docs and UI.


Are you able to provide a list of current clients? Or at least some references where you think your team has done a good job?


I recommend joining the Uniswap Discord server, it has a high volume of messages and they are almost all Tier 1 support type questions so you can very quickly get an idea of the service we offer. We also support Nethermind, Nethermind Data Marketplace and soon will be supporting an unannounced project but their question volumes are much lower and the technical depth of those questions is much higher (less we can handle directly) so they aren’t as good of examples.


After 1 week, there seem to be a good consensus towards Discord.

I think this provides a basis for moving on with a Signal Request.
After discussion with @LongForWisdom , this is more of a community thing and doesn’t really pertain too much MKR holders. It doesn’t need a onchain vote.

Next steps: The facilitators will verify with technical people, how/when to move to Discord. Things should move on, eventually :slight_smile:

Thanks to all those who participated. :pray:


Thi is great news now I can follow all of my favorite protocols in one seamless app.

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@iammeeoh, I don’t think it works like that. ; )

There are several things to consider that were not outlined in this post (non-exhaustive):

  • Are there any drawbacks to switching?
  • Will we get a flood of “Hai ser wer can I steak token wen moon ser”?
  • Are there any costs associated with the switch (monetary or else)?
  • Do the “technical people” have the bandwidth? Do they have any other priorities?

I do like the product slightly more (I voted yes originally), but I did not know that the decision would trigger an action plan without much further analysis.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think that doing that analysis is worth the effort time right now, based on the current priorities. It’s not like there’s something terribly wrong with Rocket.Chat.