[Informal Poll] Does MakerDAO want a mascot?

The idea of adopting a mascot was brought up yesterday on the G-n-R call and got some enthusiastic responses, so I wanted to bring it to the forum!

Having a mascot does a few things for the community:

It brings a stronger sense of comradery to us by increasing the team-aspect of the DAO.

It brings even more prominence to the brand by having another image to remind people of MakerDAO.

It brings cool new opportunities for swag, perhaps even a full mascot costume (idea?).

It brings a host for animated video series, for Content Production CU.

We had a few suggested mascots already from the chat on G-n-R #141, those are included in this poll. This is also open to more ideas; if we can gain something close to a consensus we can move forward with beginning some designs and bring those back for further voting.

  • Dragon - Guarding the Vat/Vaults
  • Cat - Internet loves cats
  • Dog - DAI Dog, in line with liquidations coding language
  • Cartoon Burban - Strategic Happiness Core Unit Facilitator
  • A creature from the Comm-dev Portal (please note which one!)
  • Something else - Leave your suggestion in the comments
  • Nothing - We don’t need a mascot, Leave your reason in the comments

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But I mean what are some successful mascots for other DeFi protocols? I can’t think of too many. Ghost for AAVE, Llama for Curve, animation characters for YFI maybe. So not sure whether such effort is worth it.

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I would say a Chinese dragon as DAI is Chinese.


A few more examples:

ETHDenver’s PegaBuffiCorn
MetaMask’s Fox
Dogecoin’s Shiba Inu is probably the most prominent and successful example.


I like the idea, but who is going to use a financial product that has a mascot?

I would also like to see us adopt a more professional, serious tone with the outside world so we can better interact with our peers in finance and governments. But that’s a totally different discussion and others may disagree.


I think having a mascot is an excellent idea and makes the products less intimidating and appear more user friendly. It also has the benefit of having the company stick in a person’s mind. Look no further than insurance companies to see how popular these mascots are, a few examples:

Geico - Gecko and Caveman
Progressive - Flo
Liberty Mutual - LiMu the Emu and Doug
Allstate - Mayhem Man

I think its also a question of B2B vs B2C, with the dust parameter and gas prices where they are today, pursuing a B2C strategy is challenging for us but this will certainly change over time as L2s and scaling are implemented. We definitely want to be in the B2C space long term so I’m supportive of the mascot.


Screenshot 2021-05-15 at 19.31.52

PS: just kidding :rofl: But I think we should also be able to have fun. This is crypto afterall.


It’s not a bad idea to have a mascot but I’d say this isn’t really a priority either.

How about we simply ask our followers on Twitter/Reddit to come up with one and we pick the most liked/upvoted entry? I also think it should be non-binding to prevent a Boaty McBoatface type result and I’d argue for a minimal or no monetary reward. It would be great way to engage the community and get some “marketing buzz” going. I am happy to make a post on the subreddit and link it to other places like r/ethfinance if this sounds good.

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I don’t see AAVE being misused by having a pet.

I think I would expect a mascot to be chosen that goes along with what we present, Bitcoiner’s use the honey badger for how disruptive and bad boy in nature it is.

From my point of view maybe and it is the dipper I would prefer the beaver to be used, we build bridges, work in community and channel the volatility of the market.


An excellent counterpoint

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The “MakerDAO beaver” might be misinterpreted … not sure we want to go down that path.

Well, it was just my contribution, I’m sure there will be many better ones.

The connotations didn’t stop the Oregon State Beavers.

Very true…

We don’t need it. We are not mcdonalds.

Also, obviously - sandworm is The Maker. “The Dai must flow”.

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I like the idea of something like the MetaMask fox, which is a brilliant piece of design/branding. Fun without being frivolous, with the choice of animal, faceted appearance and interactivity giving a sense of intelligence and responsiveness.
But the fox is annoyingly taken.
Squirrels are smart, agile, and have a proclivity for saving…

Edit: This is also a great opportunity for a piece of marketing in the form of a community-sponsored competition to create the ideal mascot, paid for by the DAO. Pretty sure the awareness of a major prize would be well worth the awareness and buzz that would result.


I’m not a fan of the imagery of the dragon in this context for reasons which I’m sure would have me labeled nuts. :laughing:

I think we should use that as a guide, but I think the final decision should come from within Governance.



It can be a great window to trolls if we only look at what our users say on Twitter and Reddit, as it says @ccc let’s use it as a guide and governance will decide.