Informal Poll - MakerDAO Project Partnership Suitability Metrics?

While going over proposals, doing further research, I encountered an issue around sustainability and whether this should even be taken into account when looking at projects or partnerships.

In my own delegate platform I have two key Core Values that I emphasize.

  • Stakeholder recognition - micro to macrocosm
  • Secure, Sustainable and Scalable Systems.

These Core Values apply to everything. Is what I am doing sustainable, scalable, and not just good for myself, or my community, but the world in general and also sustainable indefinitely into the future? This is a high (if not impossible) bar to be sure, but the question that came to mind is whether MakerDAO should consider having ANY metric (much less the one suggested above) when pursuing partnerships or business opportunities.

This poll does NOT propose what should be included in such a metric but whether ANY metric beyond profitability, growth, security and risk profiles should be considered when projects or partnerships are being considered.

Should MakerDAO use additional suitability metrics when considering proposal applications or business opportunities.?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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Submitting poll for consideration and thread for discussion to gauge MakerDAO sentiment on this issue. If the poll resolves to yes then the next poll will be what metrics should be considered.


Of course sustainability should be a consideration. If dumping toxic waste in the water supply is more profitable we still should not do it because it goes against MakerDAO’s ethos. Which I hope is to be better than TradFi which has dumped toxic waste in rivers and other such things.


This is one of my main concerns about the direction of MakerDAO. I’m worried that we’ll fund nuclear energy, weapons manufactuers, and try to undermine other boycott, divestment, sanctions movements such as the one against Israel for the Palestinians.

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It shouldn’t be our main focus, but green energy would be a really helpful part of our portfolio when dealing with lawmakers and introducing MakerDAO to society as a whole. Assuming we get deals that make sense, of course!

On one hand.

and on the other.

While I may have a view. My single issue is whether there should be ‘any’ criterion at all. This generally has implications for business, as well as potential legal, PR ramifications. In the end just like TradFi any player that wants to approach Maker can do so under a guise and so in the end Maker probably can’t control this. The question is whether it should try, or whether to just free for all whatever, whomever, project at long as it appears to satisfy some basic collateral, legal, and risk measures. There are pros and cons to both sides of this.

I would rather not waste my trying to apply standards the DAO itself doesn’t even want to apply. The converse of this is that If the DAO has certain unstated standards I don’t want CUs wasting their time working on deals the DAO won’t approve. Also entirely unclear what the implications are of Maker trying to do business with a company or country on a US or EU black or sanction list.


I would say this is something that should not preoccupy people, but it is something to think about as a larger Maker focus. As @PaperImperium suggests there might be some projects or focus that could garner positive press leading to more positive views by legislators, regulators, etc.

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I second what @PaperImperium proposed about investing in a renewable manner because it is the right thing to do and would probably garner good press. Sunexchange is something I have looked into. They pool liquidity in exchange for solar panels in South Africa and pay interest in bitcoin indexed to inflation. Maybe MakerDAO should explore a Sunexchange vault?

Neat, looks similar to

@MakerMan thank you for bringing up this topic - it is a necessary discussion. It is however somewhat uncertain what you mean when you mention project partnership in the heading while your poll mentions proposal applications or business opportunities. These all mean different things.

Projects partnership - typical example is SolarX.
Proposal application - any MIP6.
Business opportunity - Starknet L2 is an example.

Increased precision in the wording of the poll will likely benefit interaction and feedback. Sorry if I sound like a pre-coffee teacher :slight_smile:


This poll relates to partnerships which ofc are going to come through formally as a proposal to governance.

So basically all of the above apply. There is no distinction.

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