[Informal Poll] Which Public Calls Would You Like to Have Posted Summaries or Snippets?


The number of public calls and community meetings is growing. As you may already know, we post snippets along with in-depth semi-transcribed summaries of the Governance and Risk weekly meetings.

My question to everyone is whether you would like to have something similar applied to the other calls and meetings? Some of them may not require an in-depth summary; Maybe more people would prefer to have snippets or relatively shorter editorial-styled summaries?

Which of the following do you believe would benefit from snippets or any type of summaries?
If there is an option that is not listed, feel free to comment on it. If anybody has any thoughts or ideas on this topic in general, I would love to hear them.

Below is a polled list of various public calls and meetings. Answers are not limited to only one.


  • Know Your MIP
  • Speaker Series
  • Ask Maker Anything [AMA]
  • LexMaker
  • Focus On
  • Core Unit Rituals
  • Core Unit Launch Pod
  • Core Unit Tools
  • Collateral Onboarding
  • I don’t use them at all =(

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hi @Artem_Gordon, and thanks for the time and effort going into this.
As the number of meetings grow I do however question the need for having summaries or snippets. What I would like to have is some automated transcript so the meeting is available in text format. In case I am interested in let’s say “MIP33” I could just open the file and search it for “MIP33” and know immediately if the topic was discussed or not and what was said about it. Is there no app for this anywhere?


Hey, thanks for the input!

That’s actually something that @Davidutro has looked into before. There are AI applications for this but so far the ones that he had tried are unable to accurately transcribe the terminology we use. Also, the formatting is very jumbled, but that should only matter to people who actually want to carefully read that transcript.

One idea can be to find an application that works well and then have a reviewer do a quality assessment check for terminology. If anybody knows of an app or software that they would like for us to try us, send it our way =)


We’ve started doing transcripts for a few of the calls we’ve hosted but had spotty results with the services we’ve tried as well. It’s not to say that we can’t do transcripts but it’s a few hours worth of work for each one so it would be good to prioritize what transcripts people actually want.

@Artem_Gordon the Content team could help with transcriptions if you’re interested?

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I am more thinking that unless this can be automated I am not sure it is worth doing. Sounds time-consuming and expensive otherwise…


Hey @seth @Artem_Gordon , one tool that we have been using in SES is Grain | Use Cases . It certainly has some flaws in the auto transcript generation but learns your corrections over time.

It can also create hashtags that relate to certain clips/summaries so anyone who listens to calls could just hashtag topics / seems that would be searchable. (ie. MIP33).

Happy to walk you through the basics of using the tool if you decide to use it.


@Planet_X Yes, something I am worried about is spending too much of the budget on something that may not be worth as much value. We could probably do more in-depth transcriptions for the top 2 or 3 calls that have the most activity. For the remaining calls, I am trying to see if we can integrate some automated service and then just have one reviewer clean it up and prep for posting.

I’m just brainstorming at the moment but thank’s to everyone for their opinions and ideas!

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@jordan.jackson That is awesome. I just started testing out Fireflies.ai. I will also dig into Grain, which looks like it may offer a lot of what we are looking for. If I get any questions, I will contact you. Thanks =)

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@seth Thank you. Transcriptions do take a lot of time especially if somebody else needs to do a qualitative analysis on it. That’s why I don’t want to waste resources on every call and meeting that we have. The purpose of this poll is to find out what are the top 3 being requested and then create an efficient workflow from there.

At the moment, I don’t want to involve more work than contributors can handle as well as keeping in mind the budget especially being that the Gov Communications CU hasn’t yet moved into the Executive. Don’t want to throw on too much on the plate before we know exactly how large that plate will be =P

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I hope everyone in the U.S. enjoyed the holiday.

I have 3 audio to text applications that I began testing. Statistically speaking, one of them should hopefully work well without paying a hefty premium. Once the best application has been chosen, we will begin live-testing it on a call like AMA or Collateral Onboarding.

Also, the Speaker Series Ep. 1 transcription will be coming out within the next few days, along with the G&R weekly meeting transcription that will be posted tomorrow!

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