Interim Intangible Asset Assignment

As some may be aware, the DAI Foundation is now in a position to manage ownership of ‘Intangible Assets’ belonging to the Maker Protocol.

Over the last little while, myself and @seth have been working on a MIP, which is now on the forum here: MIPX: Intangible Asset Assignment.

Our hope is that governance can agree on a process to set who has management permissions for content and platforms that are ‘DAO official.’ The MIP above is a possible solution to that problem.

In the meantime, assets still need to be managed and several groups have requested access to various things already. In the interim period while this MIP is in RFC, the DAI Foundation have agreed to follow my judgement in terms of which requests are valid and relevant. This is strictly only in the interim until governance can vote on a better process.

Given that we’d been working on the MIP already, it makes the most sense to us to dog-food the process described in the MIP. So with that in mind, the interim process for requesting management access to an intangible asset is as follows:

Fill in the following template and post it on this forum (an abbreviated version of the template laid out in the MIP.)

Intangible Asset Agreed Modification of Management - YYYY-MM-DD

Action Date - YYYY-MM-DD (post date + 1 week)


  • List the modified assets and managers using the following template:

asset name

Asset Type: <subdomain/twitter/etc>
Asset Owner: <DAI Foundation/etc>
Platform Manager: <core-unit/individual/etc + contact email>)
Content Manager: <core-unit/individual/etc>+ contact email>)
Purpose: <purpose (short)>
Last Modification:


  • List three supporting Core Unit Facilitators. Tag them using @. (this should go without saying, but speak to them ahead of time.)

One of them must be @LongForWisdom (given the interim requirements). @seth and @juan have also volunteered to help with the interim process, so unless you have a good reason to the contrary, this should be the three facilitators.

Reason for Modification

  • Why are these changes taking place?

Management changes may be contested as laid out in MIPX. Any contested changes will not be actioned prior to MIPX passing.

Note that this means that no contested changes will take place until governance has agreed on a process for handling them. Please think carefully before formally contesting a change!

More detail and explanation of these processes can be found in MIPX. I’m also here to answer any questions and clarify the process. Any comments or suggestions on the MIP are also welcome, we’d like to make it as lightweight as possible while still ensuring it is robust and gives governance input into asset management.


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