Introducing the Liquidations 2.0 portal

We have recently launched the MVP version of the Liquidations 2.0 portal.

The portal is a user interface for the new Liquidations 2.0 system redesign. In its current state, users who visit the site can view information for any currently active auctions. This includes the amount of collateral available, the current price per unit, the vault address, the time remaining in the auction, and more. If the user has a connected Ethereum wallet, they can also participate in active auctions by purchasing the collateral that is up for auction. If they are successful in purchasing the collateral being auctioned, they can then use the UI to redeem the purchased collateral.

This makes it simple for any person who has a web browser and a connected Ethereum wallet to participate in the auction system. Maximizing the number of users that can participate in these auctions is a primary goal for the protocol and the community.

As of this post, the portal currently supports all ilks that have been approved for the Liquidations 2.0 system by governance.

These include:

  • ETH-A
  • ETH-B
  • ETH-C
  • LINK-A
  • WBTC-A
  • YFI-A

The team intends to add new ilks as they are approved by governance and to make updates to the portal such as the ability to review past auctions.


Very cool! I was waiting for this. I’ll link it from makerburn when there are open auctions :+1:


The recent price volatility triggered some auctions, so I made detail pages to make it easier to follow the action. For instance, have a look at this massive 2.46M WBTC liquidation here:


This is great. Thanks for making it.

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