Introducing the MCD Voting Tracker

Today Data Services, an internal team in the Maker Foundation, will be releasing a limited duration Beta Program for a new exciting data product that gives detailed historical data on MCD Governance Polls, Executive Votes and Voters, accessible by anyone via an easy to use Graphical User Interface. This release is powered by the Token Flow suite of data analytics tools and covers DSChief v 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 and all current polling contracts.

You can find out more about the Dashboard and the Beta Program here: and documentation is available here:

The release is limited to a GUI, with the potential to also add an API in the future if there is sufficient interest from the community. Later in 2021, it is planned that the Beta Program will be replaced with a full release.

Community members are invited to try the Voting Tracker and to provide their feedback to the team at [email protected].

Community members interested in MCD data are also invited to sign up for the Beta Program for the Vault Tracker API, which was released in December 2020 and can be found at


Looks amazing! Instantly in my bookmarks!
I am now going to dig into it :slight_smile:


This is a great step towards making Governance more accessible and transparent.

Well done to everyone involved!


This is seriously impressive. Nice work!


Cool. Why not add labels for known addresses? It would also be cool to know the gas costs associated with voting. I bet some voters paid $500+ so far for their onchain governance actions.

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I have tried out the tokentracker so here is some feedback.

I was immediately impressed by the level of detail, you certainly have put in a lot of work in this.

There are however some nagging doubts in the back of my mind regarding this effort. Can transparency be bad?

Well yes - when a certain level of privacy is necessary for the functioning of a community. Ask yourselves why votes in democratic elections are secret. Votes are secret so that people can exercise their democratic right of voting without fear of repercussions. Also, keeping votes secret enables decisions to be made without fracturing a community unnecessary.

But this does not matter on the blockchain as there are no repercussions even remotely possible? In the case of Maker this is true only to a small extent as we are critically dependent on a functioning online community. What we do is difficult and we need to stay healthy together in order to function. Transparency could potentially undermine the community if people get angry, alienated, disappointed or even lust for revenge if certain votes do not go their way. People can get upset anyway but thanks to transparency they can now attach a blockchain address to their negative feelings. This enables multiple behaviors that does not build our community, but instead undermines it.


  1. Revenge voting. Address A voted this or that on a governance poll. Person B took offense and will now vote to overthrow anything that resembles the vote.

  2. Personal grudges. Just imagine you are dependent on Maker to feed your kids and then some person votes to have you removed from your paid position. And you are pretty sure who it was.

The issue is that Maker has programs for participation such as SourceCred and soon Governance Reward (GovCred?)

Both of these examples tries to include people. Too much transparency can instead drive people away if they are exposed to negative feedback based on votes they have made.

This can lead to balkanization of the community where subgroups form to protect their own interests. This will get especially critical when it comes to evaluation of Core Units and their facilitators.


This looks very cool! I’d definitely like to see it added to the list of community governance tools.

I’m curious about how access to this will work outside of the beta period. For example, at the very least I’d like the Governance Core Unit to be able to access this, but more than that, I’d like for it to be accessible for the whole of MakerDAO. This presents a problem in that access and membership of the DAO is public.

Could GovAlpha pay for this to be accessible to members of the DAO? Would this be any different from us paying for it to be public?

This is all assuming that this will be a paid-for product in the future.


should i be worried that i find events both for my hotwallet and the associated proxy? and that in both cases the MKR staked is 0 (but in reality it is not)?

or to be more precise: all exec-votes are counted towards the proxy (with the correct amount of MKR in it), all poll-votes are counted towards the hotwallet (with MKR staked = 0)

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