Introduction and 6s on the Permaweb

Hi everyone,

I work with @g_dip at RWA Co. and I am developing RWA Co.'s infrastructure for reporting to MakerDAO. Our goal is to give MakerDAO as much transparency and insight as possible about

  1. the collateral assets
  2. the borrowers who own those assets
  3. the asset originators who lend to those borrowers
  4. the Delaware Statutory Trusts that lend to the asset originators.

We will make data available via API, spreadsheets, and dashboards. Wherever possible, we will push data and documents on chain and/or to the Permaweb with cryptographic digital signatures from the originator of the data.

To kick things off, I have uploaded the 6s Capital agreements. Here are individual links to Conforming Copies (unsigned but matching the signed docs) of:

  • 6s Capital Credit Agreement
    → TXID: 43uA8HzhRbZvRFQmBI6I4HPFt0BrFqjIIx9vsBXaLSw
  • 6s Capital Security Agreement
    → TXID: dgMqqZkdH6c0IDm2ERNTeexKa1DCDaceVT4pWGNRFVU
  • 6s Capital Trust Agreement
    → TXID: dgMqqZkdH6c0IDm2ERNTeexKa1DCDaceVT4pWGNRFVU
  • 6s Capital Escrow Agreement
    → TXID: oFevWdg48WB5DKsx3y9dLUu0adBJMFotthdHgC_jShs

These documents will live on Arweave’s Permaweb (purportedly) for at least 200 years and nobody (not even RWA Co.) can take them down.

I wholeheartedly welcome your feedback and ideas about how to develop reporting infrastructure that gives the Maker community extreme confidence in the collateral value, collateralization ratio (and other health metrics), activities and solvency of borrowers, activities and solvency of asset originators, the cash flows, and the robustness of this real world legal structure.

My background is in real estate data / technology and in consummating complex real estate transactions that require litigation and probate. You can reach me here and at [email protected]


Niiice! Arweave! Biggest regret is not buying any SMH–haha.

Will the signed documents eventually go up one day?

That would be neat. Do you think one day the community can get data analytics on Property and Mortgage data, Construction Project data, Commercial & Residential RE data, RE valuation data, etc. ? Maybe I’m thinking too far ahead…

Yes. I hope to bring this data to the community. The vendor space for this data is an area of expertise for me. I’m thinking we work with a data aggregator like Cherré to get API access to all of that. Longer term, if local governments get woke to the awesomeness of Web3 and DAOs, I expect that we’ll see these real estate public records recorded on chain as the County Recorders DAOify.

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Lovely to see you posting @maxglass :slight_smile: Thanks for putting this together, might find a way to link this in the 6s executive so people can easily find the docs if they’re curious.


I think it would be interesting to see if we could insert the Arweave TXIDs directly into a block (apologies if this is a stupid idea, PE team) so that they are available in perpetuity.

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Sounds cool, also no idea how technically feasible maybe @Derek or @brianmcmichael have thoughts?

We could certainly include those hashes and/or links in a spell (like we do today to verify referenced copy).


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