Introduction to DUX Core Unit - Governance UIs

Introduction to DUX

Hello everyone!

We are the Development and UX (DUX) core unit. Our team is comprised of Tiago @tiago, Adam @adamgoth, Phil, Deniz, Tyler, and Rafa.

We are a core unit that is in the process of incubation with the SES since June. Our mission is to enable the best-in-class decentralized decision-making for the Maker Protocol by providing a meaningful user experience for all governance participants. Our initial efforts will be directed toward improving and maintaining the governance portal and related tools.

Our first major initiative is adding the vote delegation feature to the governance portal, which we’ll be releasing publicly soon.

We’ve also been busy developing our MIP in collaboration with the SES team, which will be posted here in the forums in time to meet the August 11 deadline.

And, perhaps most importantly, by popular demand, we are finally releasing dark mode for the governance portal!

We have many ideas for future enhancements, such as a decentralized version of the governance portal, a mobile app, and more. We will be working closely with the community in the coming weeks and months to gather input to prioritize features and develop our roadmap.

We wanted to officially introduce ourselves to the community and invite you all to participate in our public discord:

If you like what you see, please come chat with us, visit our public Notion page, or provide feedback.


I, for one, welcome our avian contributors and their dark mode innovations.