Is there a Media Relations Team for MakerDAO?

I am looking to find out who the media relations people are within the ecosystem. I would like to get involved in working with the different media relations professionals within the MakerDAO ecosystem. I would like to participate in the capacity of community development from the lens of media relations (working with mainstream journalists, news stations, radio stations, ect). I have been working professionally in the space for about 10 years and would like to connect with other professionals to push this project forward to the masses.

Looking forward to connecting with other media relations professionals.


Hey @walt, thanks for reaching out. Sending a DM.


At the moment the responsibilities are split as such:

GovComms (COM-001)

  • Manages a stakeholder database that includes members of media, who they work with, and their professional contact information.
  • Manages the Media Inquiries section of the forum.

Not yet in effect, but planned:

  • We are also planning to set up an [email protected] email to provide members of media with a point of contact beyond the forum section. (This may end up managed by the Media Relations person MKT-001 is hiring)

Content Production(MKT-001)

Not yet in effect, but planned:

Full Time Media Relations person to do

  • Proactive media/press outreach
  • Press Releases

You can think of the split as Reactive vs Proactive media relations duties. And in practice our teams have close working relationships together to make sure its all executed well.

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