Is there a thread here to welcome new forum members?

Being a new user here.

One of the first things I looked for here was a thread
that welcomed new forum members with some basic information about the forums but found nothing.

Right now I can’t say what I might have expected in such a thread so if nothing exists I would have to think about what should be in it.

I did find and

and have been reading through those making notes in some comment documents…

I was just curious if others have wondered about creating a decently constructed forum welcome new users thread with good information for new users/contributors here?


This is a good idea and someone should make one. Do you have any initial thoughts as to content?


Actually making on right now in the uncategorized section


Here it is:


I see Davidutro added a welcome thread and while Introducing ourselves is good. I was thinking about something with a bit more digestible info for people who are new here. As I scan the documents scattered about I find pieces of what I was looking for. While we can introduce ourselves to each other I think it would be nice maybe to write an ‘Introduction to MakerDAO’ which gives a kind of ELI5 summary and then links to deeper topics maybe.

I’m still mulling this over as I read the documentation as I find it and am making notes but finding this to be a torturous process. I may try to work on a draft but I feel like I really would need to pick someones brain that really understands this stuff to accelerate such a project.

Also not noted in my introduction. I have a new family (6mo old baby and 4 yr old and disabled wife with a medical condition) full time work etc. so on occasion if I disappear for a few days or a week - be understanding as there are a lot of people depending on me at this point and I still have a full time job. Would rather have another better job, but I can’t imagine too many being able to match my current pay and bonus package along with the flex time. :confused:

I probably will post here about what should be in such a thread - than posting in the welcome thread itself as it doesn’t seem right to clutter that up with what ‘should’ be in the thread vs. just putting it there after others vet the info…


Have you checked out some of the other resources like the FAQs and Awesome MakerDAO?

There’s stuff in there for people at all levels.

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See the original post above. My memory of my first experience here is that there are tons of links but not obvious how to find what. Ended up in the Awesome MakerDAO and have been reading and making notes/comments. I’m pretty sure I read through the FAQs since I have the community-development up there.

I have to caveat this as I did not do a systematic paw around for more days. I think as a new user there really wasn’t a speedy - intuitive path to information at least on first sign up. But it might be that I just didn’t look well enough.

I just know as I was pawing around for some basic info I finally found Awesome-MakerDAO and the community-development - but I did not start there, and it was NOT obvious where to start.

As I do more research on things I may change my mind on this. I’m just relaying my experience as a new user. I remember distinctly sitting for a few hours just trying to find what I was looking for and reading a lot of links but not quite getting to where I wanted. When I finally found Awesome-MakderDAO I was like there is a lot of material here and started reading and making notes.

I also remember the search and reading was so daunting I actually let it sit for a few weeks till I came back again.


I support your effort in making an “introduction to MakerDAO” type of resource. We’re actually working on a set of onboarding guides for different user types. I wonder if something like what you’re describing would fit there.

How would you describe the target audience of what you’re proposing? A person doing basic research into the project?

Would it be something like Greg’s Maker for dummies piece?

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Are you thinking of something like a new user guide for Discourse or Maker generally? David’s Onboarding Guides seem to cover the latter. They could be linked to from a new user guide potentially with more Discourse overview.

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Imo any newbie/welcome page should reference those 2 links. I found them very helpful when i started following this project.

Additionally, it would be very useful to reference both github collection of repos (DappHub and Makerdao) and explain why the distinction.


Thank you for the post Scott as it is not obvious to me from the front page that would indicate to me anything about Discourse (no powered by Discourse or anything in the following links or that I see on the forum itself etc.)

I still need to check Davids onboarding guide(s).

I also flipped up the menu here and checked.

and nothing that suggests anything about DIscourse or a link to the Discourse link you posted.

I think I’m really going to have to take some time (which currently in short supply atm) to explore everything I can find regarding MakerDAO since the more I paw around I find less of what I expect to find.

So I am back to thinking about what should be in the Welcome thread. The about and FAQ really are about forum ‘decorum’ and not really about MakerDAO which is what I was pawing about for. Pretty much the Awesome MakerDAO but man that document slowed me down and put me off (and I already know a lot about Maker itself - the DAO part not so much at this point).

But this document is ‘thick’ and ‘dense’. I honestly have probably made it through like 1/4 (if that) of that document and the links there in just because of my time constraints and I have spent a fair amount of time on it. I’m making notes ofc and not just causual introductory reading and that is slowing me down. I’m literally talking ELI5 for newbs - a quick easy read than can be completed by anyone within an hour to give a basic quick ‘Introduction to MakerDAO as well’ - i.e. the DAO and Maker aspects, as well as introduction to ‘official’ channels - forum, etc. This document by necessity would have either as embedded links or probably a link to a ‘resources’ page so users can use the ‘Introduction to MakerDAO’ page OR the resource page linked as the primary starting off point to dive deeper into aspects of MakerDAO beyond when they are looking for stuff.

The point here is if we are looking at providing info to people from all perspectives IMO best to provide ELI5 summary info with links to midlevel info (Adult but not an expert in anything) and then the links to the very expert and sophisticated details (the literal guts).

I want to make sure you guys aren’t thinking I’m just whining here. I’m a guy who digs through deep journals and has over 25 peer reviewed scientific publications (may be more now I don’t know my VItae is not up to date with respect to papers) and I read thick deep stuff all the time. For some reason what I encountered here really made me pause. I think ‘we’ can do better but it will take some time and effort. It is why I stopped just trying to quick scan Awesome MakerDAO and started a document with notes so I could gather all information and then try to digest it into a form more pallatable from my mind/eye.

Which brings me to a last question.

Is there a sort of complete ‘resource’ quide that has links to pretty much everything regarding MakerDAO? I have a feeling AwesomeMaker DAO is trying to be that but until I literally get huge blocks of time to go through it I won’t know.

Thank you again for listening and I hope once we get through this we will have something people go ‘wow, I learned so much so fast. I’m in.’


I remember reading that Maker for dummies piece a while ago.

Maker for dummies - I have a 4 year old. This document shoots over the head of my Wife at 38. Not even ELI5 enough and trying to be too cutsie extending the lenght of the document. Perfect demonstration of how hard what I am thinking to create is going to be. :wink:

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Let me give a simple example of what I mean by an ELI5 - realize this is an off the top of my head beginning of a draft of such a document. Comment criticize and I will ‘revise’. :smiley:

First shot at a simple and totally incomplete ELI5 of MakerDAO

What is Maker?

Put simply Maker is a permissionless(link), decentralized(link) bank that takes collateral(link) in the form of crypto deposits (e.g Ethereum) and gives the borrower cash.

The loan is called a Collateralized Debt Position?

The cash is given in a unique to Maker crypto token form called DAI (does DAI acronym stand for anything?).

What is DAI?

DAI is the crypto token representation of Cash in the Maker system and is designed to keep a value (called a PEG) close to $1 USD. For the sake of this document assume 1 DAI = 1 USD but keep in mind this CAN fluctuate.

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Good, you shouldn’t need to know about Discourse. :slight_smile:

Sounds like we’re searching for Onboarding Guides to get started with. Those will be ready soon.


Ok. Will leave this alone until those Onboarding Guides show up.


This is really valuable feedback @MakerMan thanks for taking the time to share it.


The onboarding guide for Voters will likely be out first.

The on-boarding guides for Vault users will be out in the coming month or so.

The onboarding guides(split into 2 or 3) for Dai users are coming out in 1-3 months as they are only just getting started by some community contributors :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for this feedback, it is indeed very helpful.

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Hi @MakerMan , This one is the official so far.

The Official Welcome Thread