Is there a thread here to welcome new forum members?

Being a new user here.

One of the first things I looked for here was a thread
that welcomed new forum members with some basic information about the forums but found nothing.

Right now I can’t say what I might have expected in such a thread so if nothing exists I would have to think about what should be in it.

I did find and

and have been reading through those making notes in some comment documents…

I was just curious if others have wondered about creating a decently constructed forum welcome new users thread with good information for new users/contributors here?


This is a good idea and someone should make one. Do you have any initial thoughts as to content?

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Actually making on right now in the uncategorized section


Here it is:

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I see Davidutro added a welcome thread and while Introducing ourselves is good. I was thinking about something with a bit more digestible info for people who are new here. As I scan the documents scattered about I find pieces of what I was looking for. While we can introduce ourselves to each other I think it would be nice maybe to write an ‘Introduction to MakerDAO’ which gives a kind of ELI5 summary and then links to deeper topics maybe.

I’m still mulling this over as I read the documentation as I find it and am making notes but finding this to be a torturous process. I may try to work on a draft but I feel like I really would need to pick someones brain that really understands this stuff to accelerate such a project.

Also not noted in my introduction. I have a new family (6mo old baby and 4 yr old and disabled wife with a medical condition) full time work etc. so on occasion if I disappear for a few days or a week - be understanding as there are a lot of people depending on me at this point and I still have a full time job. Would rather have another better job, but I can’t imagine too many being able to match my current pay and bonus package along with the flex time. :confused:

I probably will post here about what should be in such a thread - than posting in the welcome thread itself as it doesn’t seem right to clutter that up with what ‘should’ be in the thread vs. just putting it there after others vet the info…