It's here! 97 Initiatives from the MakerDAO Community


I’m excited to present this resource (V1) that captures almost all the Initiatives from the MakerDAO Community. All 97 initiatives :rocket:

This resources includes community calls, grants, products, teams (core units are being updated on core unit corner), and more. It’s inclusive of initiatives from the past and present, so check the status if you’re curious.

You can explore at:

:heart: Thanks to @Anna and @Davidutro for helping wrangle and @juan for getting the link up

If you’re interested in getting your/other missing projects added or driving the development of V2, comment below!


this looks amazing! well done!

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It’s a dream come true. Thank you, @amyjung!

I got 97 initiatives, but losing the peg ain’t one!


Very cool.

I was hoping to sort by active, closed etc. but the tabs don’t seem to be working.

One thing “Vault Compensation group” status I believe is ‘closed’ at this point.
Either that or there is a different V3 Compensation Group.

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@MakerMan Ask and you shall receive - If you go to the left hand side under the header, you should see a “Type” and a dropdown option. “Status” will give you a sort via Type.

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 7.05.58 PM

I updated the “Vault Compensation” status.

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If only asking and receiving were so easy:

I happen to personally prefer filterable/sort-able lists for data presentation so went to the Show All and tried to use the sort filters which are greyed out:

Not sure if people would care. Since this looks like a basic effort tracking system I find it useful to see when something was started and when it was closed out. Be neat to see what was successfully passed/enacted vs. what wasn’t as well. Toss in some accounting metrics like man-hours and DAI paid and I could see this being a useful simple 1 point page for people to understand what MakerDAO has been doing historically.

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Unfortunately that’s the function of the Notion page. There’s no way to change the filter/sort for users on public pages, since those actions are technically “edits” (cc @juan)

I’ll note this down as a desired feature in the next iteration. This is only V1 so open to other forms that might give more personalized flexibility. (Recommendations also welcomed)

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@amyjung This is a great initiative. What’s the status label tracking? I’ve seen a couple of initiatives that are ongoing where the link status does not match current status. e.g. RWA team :wink:

Great, MakerDAO’s encyclopedia is very useful.

Just goes to show how much work is going on behind the scenes even when the core protocol hasn’t changed all that much to the outside viewer.

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Hi @amyjung I’m new here, I’m a coder but haven’t done much with MakerDAO - I do have a startup that uses work-weighted voting and we’re interested in DAO governance, also in low-overhead small payments worldwide. Can you possibly guide me if there is someone I can talk to about whether MakerDAO is a good fit for us? We are also interested in the possibility of grants if we did use Dai, but is not responding? Thanks! I will try to remember to check back here, I am also on email at [email protected] , our startup is and uses fairmint tokens for investing.

Hi Golda_Velez, welcome to the community!

Amy no longer works with the DAO (although we do hope she might return in some future capacity :)) I know that @juan as part of the Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling Core Unit has a grants component and may be able to offer more guidance.

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