July's Community Mentions of the Month!

Hi everyone,

Every month we highlight and feature the most interesting developments that have come out of the Maker community. This happens in the form of a tweetstorm, usually on the first Monday of the month. In the interest of archiving these monthly mentions, I’ll be posting the monthly tweetstorm here in the forum.

We do this to have a bit of fun with the Reddit community, and to highlight community developer creations, articles, threads, comments, and more. We hope you all enjoyed the month of July!

1/ Sometimes when I’m sad I start to think about the @MakerDAO community members who did awesome things during the month of July, and then I’m not sad anymore. This thread highlights some of the cool stuff that has come out of our community this month.

2/ The @InstaDApp guys, @sowmay_jain & @smykjain, released a Maker<>Compound bridge tool that allows anyone to refinance their debt from one protocol to the other. This made the ReFi market waaaay more efficient as we saw Dai supply plummet and the Compound Dai market grow.

3/ u/myetheroll released the (link: https://makerburn.com/) makerburn.com website, which contains some super neat numbers to keep an eye on as MKR is continually burned as a result from Stability Fees. 3500> :fire:

4/ Our community-driven Translation project has been a wonderful success. Early in the month contributors managed to translate 5 FAQs into 7 languages, resulting in 36 new pages of content in a handful of popular languages (and we have more on the way!)

5/ In the land of Governance, the community has begun using a new forum (forum.makerdao.com). A ton of great discussions and threads have emerged already. It seems clear that this is a better home for Governance discussions than our old r/mkrgov subreddit.

6/ In the new forum, u/LongForWisdom has put together a handful of key threads:
Governance at a Glance: Governance at a glance
Signaling Guidelines: Signaling Guidelines
Meta: Coordinating Collateral Due Diligence: Meta: Coordinating Collateral Due Diligence

7/ Probably one of the most enjoyable pieces I’ve read in the last couple of months was written by @HunterGebron, highlighting the fascinating parallel between MakerDAO and the old Land-Bank System in the American Colonies.

8/ A ton of contributors have come together to create their own USE DAI repository on GitHub. Excited to see this list grow!

Use Dai

9/ @alexhevans and the peeps at @placeholdervc published a paper about the first public MakerDAO Risk Model. This is a huge and important step in the evolution of MakerDAO as a risk-managing organization. This model is already being iterated on!

10/ Lix did some analysis and presented a case for using on-chain order book data rather than direct on-chain trading data for determining the Dai Peg.

11/ Someone created a chart on scout.cool showing the flow of Debt between Compound and Maker

12/ With help from several community members, we were able to soft-launch the first version of our Community Development Portal! A single domain where our community can find out about the projects and initiatives we have on the go!


13/ With some turbulence at first, DAIHard, an “Unkillable Crypto-Fiat Gateway”, managed to relaunch. This project is a cool dive into some new Game-Theory for how to facilitate p2p fiat to crypto transactions.

Use with caution!

14/ As quickly as @PoolTogether_ launched their V1, it looks like an exciting V2 is coming after the conclusion of this last pool which is set to draw a winner on August 17th. Excited for the new features!

15/ @Callisto_Audits decided to perform an audit on the Dai ERC-20 contract just for fun.

16/ @mrabino1 killing it with consistency in releasing his Maker (almost)Weekly Narratives, where he covers major topics of discussion and consideration along with a lot of detail on current affairs. Two this month!

17/ Hot off the press, @santimentfeed and Block Analytica came together to produce an amazingly comprehensive MakerDAO Stats Dashboard.


18/ See @PrimozKordez’s recap of the Dashboard in this tweet-thread:

19/ Finally, the very last thing I want to mention is @RuneKek’s return to the @epicenterbtc podcast. As a major catalyst in the Maker community, Rune has never failed to get me excited for the vision we have and the progress we’ve made so far.

20/ Our community is awesome. Deal with it.


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Hehe, Keep the good work, all of this will sooner or later pay big time !!! ( I think so )

I really like this post and forum, i discover many things here and learn so much. I wish i have get to know you before this month