Just to Say Thanks to All and Merry Christmas For the Decentralisation!

2019 for me, as been a year full of life Hack.

Having emotion , it’s just being a human.

Here , i found myself similarities with others members and paid attention to them .

Maybe you don’t know it, but some on you are a daily figure of example for me.

I made my way to here for some reason, and i keep moving on.

I Just wanted to say Thanks You, letting me doing what i like to do, worth more than any paycheck.

Money, we all need . Live in peace with yourself, have no price value .

Thanks MakerDAO, GitHub, Gitcoin, Microsoft and Partner’s……

This is a long road, to a never ending project for me happening.

Merry Christmas all !!! Wish you all some good times and some rest , make sure to not drink too much there is lot of work that need to be done here… @+++++

@MakerMan @Mitote @Davidutro @rich.brown @LongForWisdom and All others


Merry Christmas to you as well!

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Thanks, Much appreciate !!! :flying_saucer: :flying_saucer: :flying_saucer: