[📄] Know Your MIP KYM#02: MIP30: Farmable cUSDC Adapter (CropJoin) - Monday, December 7th 17:00 UTC


@equivrel will be explaining and going over the details of:




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Do your homework, bring lots of questions and contrarian views and see you there!

attn: @amyjung; @blimpa; @charlesstlouis ; @LongForWisdom ; @ElProgreso ; @iammeeoh ; @MakerMan; @aaron_bartsch ; @mario ; @rain ; @alexis


First questions:

  • What if compound changes the ratio coefficient?
  • What if compound puts some vesting time to unlock comp? CF MIP from compound.
  • Who is going to run the wind and unwind?
  • What if the gas increase? Who is going to pay for the gas?
  • How do you liquidate it?
  • Risk increase with time as Compound token increase and usdc decrease. Do we apply the risk coefficient from Compound or uscd?
  • To be honest I haven’t got exactly how it works, but Comp should increase while usdc should decrease as we pay for the borrowing and get comp in exchange.
  • what happens when there is no usdc and only debt?
  • The code is relatively complex and need external call, input and output. Am I right? Looks there is a nice attack surface using compound and the wind, unwind. I feel it is another type of beast than PSM or a join token. Who is going to audit it?
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Know Your Mip Summary - Episode #02

December 7th, 2020





Juan Guillén

Agenda and Preamble


  • Welcome to another KYM Call. We’ll talk about MIP30, which is the farmable cUSDC Adapter (CropJoin)
  • Discussions about MIPs happen in the Forum.

MIP30: Farmable cUSDC Adapter (CropJoin)


Closing Comment

Juan Guillén



  • Thank you, Lev and Rain, for this great presentation and the rest for joining me. It’s always great to have you. Tomorrow (12.09.2020) we have B.Protocol at 7:00 PM UTC. And this Wednesday 9th of December at 6:00 PM UTC we’ll have Melon Protocol. More information in the forum, as always, and let’s keep the discussion going over there.


Do you guys record those calls ?

Check the comments for notes + video in this thread:

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thanks a lot

Starting soon!


  • allow list for wind and unwind
  • be able to change the max/min CF via governance.

Video is here (notes coming soon):

Thanks to everyone participating. I really enjoy the level on these calls.
@rain, @equivrel, @alexis, @prose11, Frank, and I’m probably forgetting a couple of names…