Know Your MIP KYM#03: The Core Operating Unit Model - Monday Jan. 25 2021 at 20:00 UTC


@juan will be explaining and going over the details of:




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Do your homework, bring lots of questions and contrarian views and see you there!

attn: @amyjung; @blimpa; @charlesstlouis ; @LongForWisdom ; @ElProgreso ; @iammeeoh ; @MakerMan; @aaron_bartsch ; @mario ; @rain ; @alexis ; @NikKunkel


Starting in half an hour!


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Know Your MIP Summary - Episode #03

January 25th, 2021


  • 00:00: Intro with Payton Prose
  • 0:50: Presentation, Discussion and Questions with Juan Guillén
  • 42:37 Presentation, Discussion and Questions with Dennis from AccountAble
  • 01:06:34: Outro



Payton Prose

Agenda and Preamble


  • Hello and welcome to KYM #03. Today we’ve got a couple of cool presentations coming at us: Juan’s gonna kick us off with the Core Unit Operating Model; that is the MIP Set he proposed with help from @iammeeoh and @elprogreso. Looking forward to that.
  • Afterwards, Dennis is gonna give a quick presentation on some kind of accounting backend stuff that can be applied to that.
  • For other episodes of KYM, please check the forum.


Juan Guillén

Presentation, Discussion and Questions

09:44 — David Utrobin: Are Core Units meant to map closer to essential function services rather than teams of people?

15:06 — Amy Jung: How would a Core Unit work in a cross-functional objective, like collateral onboarding or something, given that there’s only one facilitator per core unit?

17:59 — Payton Rose: That means that any person could be a part of multiple Core Units. Just because you’re in the Risk Core Unit, that doesn’t mean you can’t help out with Oracles or what have you

28:00 — Derek: I’ve been focusing on the Smart Contract Team recently. We have a lot of gas costs. Should I be breaking that out as some sort of an estimate over a period of time or would that be too much detail?

30:44 — David Utrobin: What happens in the event of a budget deficit, if the team underestimated how much they need?

33:09 — Free discussion around budgets and price volatility

36:05 — Greg Di Prisco: Something I don’t understand is what happens if you have a Facilitator that spins up an entity to contract the DAO; this Facilitator through this entity then signs other contrats with other service providers and then is voted out as Facilitator. What happens to all of those contracts?

40:50 — Adrián Rivero: A Facilitator can contract a company and this company should do an invoice for the service it’s creating. Right now, if a Facilitator contracts somebody else, , probably that person could invoice the Foundation. Is that contemplated in this structure? How would that work?

Dennis from AccountAble

Discussion and Questions

48:09 — Sébastien Derivaux: When you say you get that payment from the community and you send it back to your company, does that mean that at some point I have the ownership of the Dai?

49:39 — Juan Guillén: Can you walk us through an example?

51:36 — Free discussion

56:42 — Juan Guillén: Could you give us an idea of the amount that you would need to lock when hiring someone? Does it change from country to country?

58:05 — Marina: If the person is so remote that they’re on a different continent, why would you ever hire them as an employee instead of as a consultant?

01:02:23 — Sébastien Derivaux: How do you treat non-monetary liabilities?

01:03:46 — LongForWisdom: Is there a minimum amount? If the governance domain wants to (?) US$20 on suscription, is that something you can provide or does it need to be a larger amount?

Closing Comment

Juan Guillén


  • I’m incorporating the feedback and I’m expecting to republish the MIPs this week – maybe not all of them, but at least the main ones and the subproposals so that people can start working on them. If you have any comments or questions, reach out on the channel or privately. Thank you very much. It was great having you.


  • @blimpa produced this summary. He’s sorry for being late.
  • Everyone who spoke and presented on the call, listed in the headers.