Latin America section

This is about the Latin America category on the homepage. I realize we have a large Spanish speaking community and wanted to suggest two things

  1. If I understand correctly, that category is just the Spanish section and has nothing to do with Latin America? Or am I mistaken? I think it should just be labelled differently as geography is a bit irrelevant to Maker.

  2. Would we be better off marking that category as “Other languages” and set it up so people are free to create subcategories where discussions proceed in any non-English language? I imagine we have people who’d like to discuss in German/French/Mandarin etc. and would be nice to let people choose to do so if they like.


Si, si, si! I believe it can be used for both.

I think you can setup your forum account to “other languages” or, categories you have no interest in reading about, or even seeing.

This is actually a good used-case for Discord…

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Hi @AstronautThis thanks for sharing this !

The Latin America Section was created as an idea from the Dai Action Groups, a MakerDAO CDIP of some groups bringing more adoption and education about Dai in LATAM. In order to answer going to go through the questions:

  1. At the beginning it had to do with LATAM (also we started with some floks in Brazil), but it didn’t get much adoption from Brazilian side. So yeah, right now don’t know if it fits so well as LATAM. But as the people that do the most posts over here are from LATAM it might have some sense (?)

  2. This can be a good idea, but as we saw with portugese maybe can happen the same and just the Spanish will prevail.

I agree with you ElPro, this is a very good example of why to use Discord.

This is actually a good used-case for Discord…

That’s a very good point!

I’m inclined to leave this as is until we have another non-English language community to accommodate. I don’t want to setup a bunch of categories that will be mostly unused and not at all moderated at this point.

If we get demand we can definitely add them, of course.