Let's get CEO Rune to talk to the 0 bit victims

I agree it’s inappropriate to call someone’s name.
But what else can we do??
In the end, if there is someone who should be accountable for all of these, it should be MakerDao’s CEO.


Any employee of the Maker Foundation, including me, is unable to make public comments on this topic because of the pending legal case.


Thanks for the reply.
But can you elaborate why no one can make any public comments just because of the pending legal case?
I’m sorry to ask, but
Have you thought about any solution? Have you thought about the pain of those victims, especially in the coming bull run?
As long as the issue is not dealt with, it will be with MakerDao all the time.

These are questions that Maker Foundation employees cannot answer. It is quite normal for people to not be able to discuss the subject of a legal case prior to the case. Even without NDAs, no good can come from it, and it is likely the discussion could be used against the Foundation during the lawsuit itself.

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Fair enough.
What about doing something (instead of saying anything)? Say resolve this issue before going to court?

This is what the maker community is trying to do, but we’ve been at a bit of a standoff with the recent compensation proposal plan not passing, and trying to figure out how to move forward. It is mkr holders who voted originally to compensate vault holders during black Thursday, not the foundation. This compensation by mkr holders was voted for out of good will rather than any acceptance of responsibility for losses. This claim of responsibility for losses is I think the main thing the foundation is trying to avoid.

The maker protocol and terms and conditions, as well as the open documentation, explained the particulars of the auction process, and that it was possible to lose all funds in a liquidation event. The oasis UI could have been better and had a disclaimer about the 13% liquidation penalty, and that this is the LEAST a vault owner would lose in the event of liquidation and perfectly efficient auctions. That being said, mkr holders, and the protocol, has no control over oasis or any other UI that uses the makerDAO contracts.

In any case, the maker community, and presumably mkr holders(although they are largely an anonymous group who we have no way of eliciting feedback from unless they are part of the community), are still trying to find a path forward since the last compensation proposal was voted down.


Going to lock this one, as I don’t think there is anything further Rune will be able to share, and I’d rather keep discussion centered around the updates thread. If you’d like to discuss Rune’s response, please do so there: Maker Vault Compensation Updates and Status